Tax specialist as a profession

As a tax specialist you save your clients a lot of money. Because of your knowledge of the complicated tax legislation, you as a tax specialist can save your clients a lot of money by not paying more tax than necessary. Tax economists are therefore highly sought after on the labor market, as there is more demand than supply. Being a tax specialist is a creative profession: the tax specialist looks for the right tailor-made tax advice for his client. What professions are there for a graduated tax economist?

Tax legislation in the Netherlands

For the average Dutch citizen, Dutch tax legislation is not getting any easier. Tax legislation is known for being (very) complicated. Since everyone sooner or later will have to deal with the tax authorities, the tax authorities, thorough knowledge of the tax field is very important. Graduated fiscal economists find a job at a rapid pace, the demand is greater than the supply.

How can you save money with a tax specialist?

A graduated tax economist, a tax specialist, with thorough practical knowledge, is able to save clients (a lot of) money. Because the tax specialist is well aware of the numerous laws, rules and legislation of the tax system in the Netherlands, and knows how to apply them all correctly, the tax specialist ensures that companies and private individuals do not pay more tax than is strictly necessary and properly in accordance with the rules.

Tax specialist and the labor market

It is logical, of course, that if the tax specialist manages to save his clients money on the tax authorities, then tax economists are highly sought after on the Dutch labor market! Remember that within three years you can complete a HEAO Tax Specialist Training: Fiscal Economics and look forward to a golden future!

Tax specialist: the profession as a tax expert

Being a tax expert in the Netherlands is a dynamic profession, a creative profession and a versatile profession. Tax legislation changes regularly. This means that as a tax expert you must be able to quickly respond to changes in legislation and explain to your clients what consequences these changes in legislation have for these customers and their (international) companies with regard to their business operations and for future plans.

Tax specialist: positions at middle and higher management levels

As a graduated tax economist you can apply for many different positions at middle and higher management levels.

Tax specialist: government positions

As a graduated tax economist you can contact:

  • Tax authorities,
  • FIOD,
  • Ministry of Finance,
  • Customs.

Tax specialist: job in business financial services

As a graduated fiscal economist, jobs are up for grabs as:

  • tax employee,
  • Pension advisor,
  • Financial advisor at a bank,
  • Financial advisor for insurance,
  • Mortgage advisor,
  • Business administrator,
  • Business economist.
  • Tax specialist: a job to support business services

As a graduated tax economist, you can choose to find a job supporting business services. Consider:

  • A job in the legal profession,
  • At a notary,
  • Brokerage and real estate,
  • A job in accounting.

Tax specialists: large companies with tax departments

Naturally, a graduated tax specialist can easily choose a job at small and medium-sized businesses, or at large companies, provided that these companies have a tax department.