Benefits of stress management at work

Stressors are everywhere at work. Everyone on the work floor, the manager, the supervisor, the boss, but certainly also the employee, has to deal with stress, work stress and negative stress. All are causes of poor work performance and absenteeism due to illness. Stress management is the solution. How do we recognize the first signs of stress among employees? What are the benefits of stress management training at work? What is the method of stress management?

Stress management definition

Stress management includes all activities designed to eliminate all sources of stress:

  • To eliminate,
  • To delete,
  • To get under control.

We achieve this by:

  • Make employees resistant to stress,
  • Enable employees to learn to deal with stress better.

Recognize stress signals

Recognition of the first signs of stress among employees is very important. Early recognition of stress among employees in the workplace is important because:

  • It prevents problems from worsening in the workplace,
  • Limited short-term absenteeism,
  • Limited long-term absenteeism due to illness
  • Limited disability.

First stress warning signs

Every employee reacts differently to stress and work stress. Despite the differences, the following signals can be considered first stress warning signs:

  • More mistakes are made at work,
  • More hours are needed to complete the work,
  • Concentration problems among employees,
  • Increase in forgetfulness among employees,
  • Indecisiveness among employees: main issues and side issues are not properly separated,
  • Major fluctuations in behavior and emotionality.

Higher workload

We live in uncertain economic times. This applies to everyone, including the manager, but also the employee. Increasing competition from new economic emerging countries, uncertain purchasing power, banking crises are all reasons for the workload to be higher. Stress factors are widely present at work. High workload often means negative stress. Stress management is able to reduce this negative stress and helps employees to handle this stress.

Stress management training

Offer help in the form of stress management for:

  • Any manager, manager or supervisor who has a team of employees under him who work under pressure,
  • Stress solution-oriented guidance for every employee who works under pressure,
  • Targetedly reduce, eliminate and control stress,
  • Find balance between work and private life.


The benefits of stress management:

  • Everyone learns to deal better with stress, work stress and negative stress,
  • Everyone delivers better work performance,
  • Everyone in the workplace has an increased sense of well-being.


What is the method of stress management? The working method is entirely dependent on a number of factors, such as the level of stress, the extent of the problem and what is the objective? In general, it can be assumed that stress management will look like this:

  • Introductory meeting,
  • What problems are there?
  • What is the core of the problems?
  • What objectives are present?
  • What is the main goal to achieve?
  • What factors are present in the employee’s life to take new paths?
  • What can the employee do to get closer to the goal?
  • Drawing up an action plan,
  • What factors are present in the employee’s life to take action?
  • Guidance during the implementation of the action plan,
  • Assessment and evaluation after each step of the action plan,
  • Completion of stress management training.