Time management tips: manage valuable time carefully

Time is precious. Working efficiently and making optimal use of time is difficult for many hardworking people. By adjusting some behaviors we save a lot of time. Some useful time management tips for every manager, manager or businessman. How can we save time by changing our behavior at work? Do we know what goals we have in mind? Do we know what is important? Time management tips, careful use of valuable time, an overview:

Change the behavior

Time management is a strange word. We cannot determine or divide time. We cannot stop or slow down time. Time just goes on. What we need to do is adjust our behavior. We can manage our behavior, but not time. Our behavior, our experience and our immediate working environment can be influenced. By making the right choices and setting the right goals, we can focus on optimally spending our behavior and energy within the available time. Time savings by adjusting our behavior.

Eisenhower schedule

For every manager, manager or businessman with busy schedules who cannot get their work done 24 hours a day, making an Eisenhower schedule every morning of the working day is a solution. Take a sheet of paper, divide the paper into 4 blocks and write the first letters of the alphabet in the four corners: A, B, C and D:

  • A: All work that needs to be handled immediately, everything that is urgent, ends up in A.
  • B: All the work that needs to be scheduled in the agenda is placed in B
  • C: In C, all the work that others can do for you, delegate,
  • D: In D comes all the work that does not need to be done, but can be forgotten.


Working in chaos takes time. Having to look up important things in a mountain of paper takes time. Make sure that the workplace, the desk, is tidy and well-organized. Working on a clean desk with urgent matters can never cause distraction. Working at a tidy desk saves time.

Top 8 time savers

An overview of the top 8 time management tips:

  • First thing every morning, make an Eisenhower schedule based on the appointments for the upcoming working day,
  • Make sure something gets done every day
  • Say “no” firmly when necessary
  • Start first with things you dread,
  • Make sure you have all the pieces you are working on on a “clean desk” and nothing else,
  • Plan time where you can work undisturbed,
  • Provide variety, after exertion there must be relaxation in order to remain focused for the rest of the day,
  • Use your agenda to plan and your mind to think.


Some tips to keep email under better control:

  • Organize all incoming e-mail traffic,
  • Answers emails at fixed times of the day,
  • Immediately discard emails that are uninteresting, unusable and a waste of time,
  • Turn off your email program when you are busy with other important matters.
  • Have your name removed from a useless mailing list that you hardly use.


Some tips to keep your phone under control:

  • Handle calls by an operator,
  • Answer important calls at fixed times of the day,
  • Keeps telephone conversations focused, business-like, short but friendly,
  • Create a filter to allow telephone calls to come through the secretariat.


Meetings are real time wasters, some time-saving tips:

  • Is my presence important?
  • Schedule meetings for lunch or at the end of the working day to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Limit outside disturbances during the meeting: turn off mobile phones and make sure no one disturbs you,
  • Prepare meetings well: What is the purpose of the meeting? How much time is available for each agenda item? What time does the meeting start? What time does the meeting end? Who are the participants?

Staff, colleagues and employees

Communicate clearly to staff, employees or colleagues when you have time for them. Indicate that if your office door is closed, you do not wish to be disturbed. If the door is open, everyone is welcome with their work problem. Listen to the staff and employees with full attention, keep it short and targeted.

Top 15 management tips

For every manager, executive or businessman, time is valuable. Careful use of the available time means profit. Some useful time-saving tips for anyone with a busy schedule:

  • Make a sketch of the weekly schedule,
  • Set some big deadlines for yourself,
  • Break big jobs into smaller and manageable jobs,
  • Knowledge is power and measuring is knowing, keep track of the time of each job done so that a planning can be made realistic,
  • Stress is caused by all the work that has been left behind,
  • Realize that 80% of all urgent matters can be done in just 20% of the available time,
  • Ensure that all urgent matters are handled in this 20%,
  • Set priorities: what is important and what is not? Inform employees and colleagues!
  • Learn to delegate and learn to say “no”,
  • Never postpone important things, do them as quickly as possible,
  • For better concentration: tidy up the workplace and put away documents! (Clean desk),
  • Work on one thing at a time,
  • Set fixed times during the workday to deal with time wasters such as e-mail and phone calls,
  • Take sufficient breaks and relax, less stress works more efficiently and maintains concentration,
  • Take a time management training course or take a time management course!