Buying and selling stuff on Marktplaats, how does that work?

Marktplaats is a very popular online market where you can buy and sell things. The extensive website is user-friendly. If you want to sell something, place an advertisement on the site, in most cases this is free. If you want to buy something, search to see if the item is for sale on Marktplaats. You will usually find what you are looking for. You can then place a bid on the item. How do you sell or buy via Marktplaats?

Advertising on Marktplaats

Advertising on Marktplaats is very often free. A small fee is charged only for commercial advertisements. Placing an advertisement, free or not, is easy. You create an account, choose the ‘place advertisement’ option, upload (if you wish) a photo that applies to the advertisement, and choose the desired category. A little later your advertisement is online, visible to millions of people. It couldn’t be simpler, and Marktplaats ensures that your products come to the attention of customers. This could just as easily be a vacancy as an object or service.

Sell stuff and make money

To make money with Marktplaats you can sell things. How you sell stuff successfully and how you can make a profit with marktplaats depends on several factors, such as:

  • the popularity of items offered
  • the quality of the items offered
  • the price of items offered

Offer services via Marktplaats

Marktplaats also makes it possible to offer your services. Ranging from handyman to home tutoring. To offer services you pay a certain amount per month. Placing a link to a website or weblog also costs money. If you have your own company or are self-employed, these costs are in principle tax deductible.

Marketplace, what is that?

Marktplaats can best be compared to a virtual market where you can buy and sell anything. Tens of thousands of objects are bought and sold on Marktplaats every day. This often involves selling second-hand items, but plenty of new items are also sold. And how about holidays, (new or second-hand) cars, boats, bicycles, toys, books, brand clothing, bridal dresses, bags, hats, children’s and baby items, or services? On Marktplaats everything you can think of is sold and offered for sale. From the latest news to rare old things or collector’s items. So you can just as easily go there for nice second-hand clothing as for games, DVDs, an iPod or a laptop. You will also find collectibles, cars, boats, bicycles, furniture, kitchens, clothing, and so on. You will also find handymen who offer their services on the site, as well as tickets for concerts, antique objects, modern or old works of art, an affordable home hairdresser, a gardener, and so on.

Selling and making money on Marktplaats, how does that work?

If you want to sell items via Marktplaats, first create an account. Creating an account is easy. If you want people to transfer payments via PayPal, it is best to first create a PayPal account. If you are happy with people paying you through your bank or giro account, you can arrange this in consultation with the buyers. You can then place an advertisement on the site. This goes as follows:

  • Click on ‘place advertisement.’
  • Choose a category, for example ‘women’s clothing.’
  • Choose a category, for example ‘jeans…’
  • Check ‘offered’.
  • Click on ‘continue.’
  • Now upload a photo of the object, in this case the garment.
  • Give the ad a title.
  • Are people allowed to bid or do they have to send you an email? You can decide and check this box.
  • You can choose whether people can pay you via PayPal or via your bank or giro.
  • If you want to place a link to a website with your advertisement, for example if you are offering a kitchen or a sofa for sale and you have a furniture store or a construction company to which you want to place a link, then that is also possible, but placing links is as mentioned before, not free. Not even if you include the link in the text and do not make it active.
  • You can choose whether you want extra attention for your advertisement or not. Most extras cost money, but advertising on Marktplaats is free
  • Click on ‘place advertisement’
  • Your advertisement will then be online

Categories to sell or buy

Marktplaats attracts millions of visitors every day and is one of the most popular websites in the Netherlands. The categories you can buy or sell in are:

  • Antique and Art
  • Audio, TV and Photo
  • Cars/Car parts/Car miscellaneous
  • Books
  • Caravans and Camping
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Computers and Software
  • Contacts and messages
  • services and professionals
  • Animals and Accessories
  • do-it-yourself and build
  • Bicycles and Mopeds
  • Hobby and leisure
  • Home Appliance
  • houses and rooms
  • Children and Babies
  • Clothing
  • engines
  • Music and Instruments
  • Stamps and Coins
  • Jewelry and Bags
  • Game consoles
  • Games Sports and Fitness
  • Telecommunications
  • Tickets and Tickets
  • Garden and Patio
  • Vacancies
  • Holidays
  • Collect
  • Water sports and boats
  • White goods and equipment
  • Business goods
  • Miscellaneous

Buying stuff on the marketplace, how does that work?

There are two ways to buy things on Marktplaats. You can bid on an advertisement. The advantage is that you can often start with a low amount. However, other bidders may outbid you and multiple people may bid on the same item. It is useful to send an advertiser a message if you really want to purchase an item. Sending messages to each other is simple and user-friendly on the site. You just click on email to this advertiser. If you click on it, you can send the seller a message. There is often also a target price for the item. That is the asking price that the seller would like to receive for the item. If you offer the asking price, the sale is usually quickly agreed upon. If it is shipped, the buyer may have to pay the shipping costs. You can then pay in different ways:

  • Via PayPal
  • Via your bank or giro
  • Via iDeal

You can pick up the item or it can be sent. The seller indicates a preference in this regard. You will then receive it in your possession after consultation.

Selling stuff, tidy and tidy

Marktplaats is a great initiative. The Internet quickly brings buyers and sellers together. It is a paradise for anyone looking for affordable items or specific objects. It is also better to sell your good stuff than throw it away, this is an excellent site for that. The saying search and you will find certainly applies to Marktplaats.

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