Working with children from your own home

Children are very important in our society and there are thousands of people who work for children every day. You can also work with children within the work-from-home industry. There are numerous opportunities to work with children from your own environment and earn some extra money. Discover the possibilities here.

Working from home with children

There are various forms of working from home that have to do with children. Many people, especially women, enjoy working with children. You can look after children, organize parties, plan creative afternoons or, for example, look after children after school or when the parents are away.

Babysitting duties

You can babysit children in your own home. This is very useful when you want to look after several children from different families at the same time. You charge a fixed fee per hour and have the children brought to your home and picked up again. Of course you have to provide food, drinks, sweets and toys for the children to keep them entertained. You are comfortable in your own home, but your house will of course not remain perfectly tidy if there are a number of children over every day. In addition, you must take into account that there are rules regarding, for example, the maximum number of children you can look after at the same time. However, this also changes when you have a second babysitter at home.

Organizing parties

It is always a fun activity to organize parties and you can do this from your own home. You can promote yourself as an organizer of parties for children. Parents will then contact you to discuss everything. They can indicate their wishes, the number of children who will come along and the day and time of the party. You can get started with this from your own home. You can make or order invitations yourself and arrange them, discuss and record activities with the relevant organization and make candy bags as a farewell. You can easily organize a party that is arranged from start to finish. Of course, you have to take the parents’ available budget into account.

Creative afternoons

Are you creative yourself and do you enjoy seeing children at work? Then it might be really fun to organize creative afternoons for children. Make sure you have everything you need to work with multiple children and create a nice group. You can advertise your organized afternoons and determine the rates yourself. You can choose to invite children of a certain age and have a different age category every week, but you can also receive children of different ages. In addition, it is a nice idea to have a day just for boys or just for girls, for example. A princess day or a car day!


You can take care of children who would otherwise come in after school to an empty house, you can take care of them during the lunch break from school and give them a sandwich or you can offer them a home during the weekends or holidays, for example. Childcare is often for more hours than babysitting, so there is also more to be earned from it. You must take into account that various rules have been established for setting up a childcare facility.