Lexicon of make-up products

Every year new products are released on the makeup market. When you just start experimenting, it can sometimes be confusing what exactly each product does and where you use it. It is also important to know in which order you should apply the makeup. In addition to the standard makeup such as mascara, lipstick and blush, there are a lot of other beautiful products that you may not have heard of before.

Makeup for the face

Facial makeup is any type of makeup that you apply directly to the face. This is often the basis of an entire make-up look. Then we work on the details such as eye make-up, eyebrows and lip make-up


Nowadays we all say blush while in the past we always said rouge. Blush is an abbreviation of blusher (which in turn is derived from the English word blushing). Blush is used to color the cheeks. This gives your face a healthy color as if you have taken a walk outside. There are a lot of types of blush colors: coral, pink, peach, brown and purple. Among these colors you also have many types of subcolors such as light pink. You apply blush after your foundation.


Foundation is part of liquid make-up for the face. Foundation is an English name for foundation. Use foundation over your entire face after the concealer step. You can apply foundation with your hands or with a brush or sponge. Foundation ensures that the face is evened out so that the face has the same color and any red spots are concealed.


Concealer is one of the first steps you use in facial makeup. It is very similar to foundation but is often more opaque and thicker in structure. You use concealer for pimples or spots where you quickly become red, such as around the nose. You can also use concealer under the eyes to get rid of bags under the eyes, but make sure you use a liquid concealer instead of a stick concealer. If you use too thick concealer under the eyes, it will appear in the lines or you will see dry spots.


One of the last steps is to use bronzer. Bronzer is a brown-colored powder that is several shades darker than your own skin color. Especially with bronzer, less is more. You can shape the face with bronzer, which often enhances your cheekbones and makes your face appear slightly smaller. Places where you apply bronzer are: Under the cheekbones, on the temples, on the jawline and around the hairline.

Face powder

Face powder is a powder (both ground and compressed) that you use after foundation but before bronzer. Face powder is available both transparent and in skin color. By applying face powder you mattify and fix the make-up so that it lasts longer without the shine. It is applied with a large powder brush.


Available in powder and liquid form. Apply highlighter to places where the light naturally falls, such as the top of your cheeks, under the eyebrow bone, on the cupid’s bow, on the bridge of the nose and in the inner corners of your eyes. The smaller the glitter, the more natural the effect of makeup.

Eye makeup

This is all the makeup that you use around the eye, such as eye shadow, mascara, eye pencil, eyeliner. Eye makeup is meant to emphasize the eyes. It is often also advised to keep the lip make-up natural for a bold eye look and vice versa.


Mascara is probably one of the most famous make-up products for the face. The most sold color mascara is black and then brown. But there are also other colors of mascara such as blue, purple, green and burgundy red. There is also transparent mascara, but unfortunately they are poorly available. Mascara is a liquid substance often in a tube or sometimes in a tube. The purpose of mascara is to separate the eyelashes and give them volume and curl. In terms of substance, mascaras often do not differ much, it is mainly the brush that provides the effect.

Eye pencil

Eye pencil is often based on Kohl, and comes in countless types of colors. The most famous eye pencil color is black. You can use eye pencil on your waterline as well as on the lash line. If you draw a line on your waterline, this makes the eyes optically larger. To make the eyes even bigger, you can use a house-colored eye pencil on the waterline and directly below that, a black line from the outside to the inside (stop at the part of the pupil). To make the effect less harsh, you can blur the eye pencil a little with your ring finger.


Eyeliner is mainly used to draw a line on the upper lash line. Especially with eyeliner, the rule “practice makes perfect” applies. The easiest thing to do is to pull it more horizontally with the index finger before drawing the line. The reason people often choose eyeliner over eye pencil is because eyeliner is less easy to wipe away and therefore lasts longer.

Eyebrow products

There are various products to beautify the eyebrows. For example, you can fill in eyebrows with a pencil or powder. The difference between these two is that powder gives a slightly more natural effect than pencil. There is also eyebrow gel. This is available in transparent color or brown tones. Gel hardens and therefore does not move in any direction, the only disadvantage is that if you make a mistake you have to correct it quickly.

Eye shadow

If there is one thing that has the most colors, it is eye shadow. Use eye shadow on the moving part of the eye. You can also combine eyeshadow colors with each other. For example, if you use brown colors, apply a medium brown color to the moving eyelid, a dark brown color to the arcade arch and a light shade of cream (or a highlighter) under the eyebrow bone. The trick with applying eye shadow is that everything blends together beautifully, you do this with a soft, thicker eye shadow brush.

Lip makeup

You can of course just paint the lips or apply a nice lip gloss. But you also have a lip pencil which makes the effect just a little tighter. A bright color is nice for the evening and a natural color for the day.

Lip gloss

Next to lipstick, lip gloss is one of the best-selling lip products. The most famous thing about lip gloss is its shine. The great thing about lip gloss is that you can basically apply it without a mirror and it gives a fresh appearance. The only disadvantage to lip gloss is that some brands can stick, so test in the store to see how the lip gloss is on your hand to avoid disappointment.


There are all types of lipsticks on the market, even 48-hour lipsticks. What is important to know with a lipstick is the drier the substance, the longer it lasts. Mattifying lipsticks also last longer because they are drier. Some lipsticks can actually make teeth appear whiter. If you want your teeth to appear whiter, use a lipstick with a cooler undertone and avoid soft pink colors.

Lip pencil

To tighten the lips a little, you can use a lip pencil, lip pencil ensures that the lipstick does not sink into the lines. Use this pencil to outline the lips before coloring them with lipstick. The best effect is to use a lip pencil in the same color as your lipstick. Can’t find the exact color anywhere? Then there is also a transparent lip pencil on the market.