How about selling gold and diamonds?

If you need money you can sell gold. Gold jewelry often contains real gold and is sometimes worth a lot of money. Silver objects such as a teapot or cutlery also have a certain value. In addition to precious metals, you can also sell diamonds. The value of a diamond is determined by a number of properties. The rule of thumb is basically the more beautiful the diamond, the higher its value will be.

Need money

You can get money in different ways. One of them is selling gold. There are many companies that like to buy gold. In addition to gold, you can often also sell other precious metals, such as platinum, silver and diamonds. The latter is of course not a precious metal but a mineral. The gold price fluctuates every minute. For the current gold price you can consult all kinds of websites that show the most current value of gold in graphs. In addition to the current gold price, most of these websites also have graphs showing the current prices for platinum and silver.

Which gold can be sold?

Selling gold makes money. The amount of money it makes depends on the number of carats, any damage and the number of grams. Most companies only purchase solid gold, so no gold-plated or silver-plated objects. When purchasing gold, it concerns real gold. In most cases it does not matter what the real gold is processed into. This could be anything from dated jewelry to parts of broken objects. As long as it contains real gold, you can get money for it.

Gold and silver jewelry

A lot of gold and silver jewelry is sold. A gold ring or a gold watch can easily fetch several hundred to thousands of euros. This of course depends on the amount of gold or silver incorporated in such a piece of jewelry. Frequently sold items include:

  • bracelets
  • watches
  • household objects
  • Chains
  • coins
  • rings

This is mainly because gold and silver are used in a lot of jewelry and coins. Antique jewelry is also popular with gold buyers. Antique jewelry often contains more real gold. This is reflected in the number of carats, which is often higher with old jewelry and coins. Jewelry from an inheritance can therefore be worth a lot of money!

Sell diamonds

You can also sell diamonds for, sometimes, a lot of money. How much money you can get for a diamond depends on a number of factors. The color and purity of the diamond are examined, among other things. Minor damage to a diamond negatively affects its value. The greater the damage, the lower the value. Diamonds are formed under very high temperatures and very high pressure. This happens below the surface of the Earth, about 150 kilometers deep. Various natural forces can cause diamonds to appear on the surface. Diamonds appear to have no color. Yet most diamonds have a certain glow. The value and quality of a diamond is determined by the following properties:

  • carat
  • colour
  • cut
  • purity

Carat is the term used to classify the weight of a diamond. A carat consists of one hundred points. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. A diamond can have a color . Colorless diamonds are the rarest and most valuable. The combination of optimal shine of the diamond and the associated brilliance also determines its value. This is also called the cut . The purer a diamond, the higher its value will be. Small impurities are not a problem, but they do reduce the value somewhat. If you have certificates with the diamond, you can take them to the diamond buyer. Valid certificates include: AGS, EGL, IGI, GIA and HRD.