Arrange a cheap funeral

A cheap funeral is in. Because in times of crisis, when people often have difficulty living on their income, they also want to pay attention to the price of the funeral. For example, why would you choose an expensive support car if you can also get by with a decent taxi?

Save money on the funeral

A funeral costs a lot of money and many people, in the shock situation immediately following the death of a close family member, do not think primarily about the money. But in the current time when the prices of energy and other things are skyrocketing and many people have to be frugal with their income, it is also important to pay attention to the costs when arranging the funeral. After all, the deceased would not have wanted you to get into financial problems because of him/her. And saving money on the funeral is absolutely no shame, nor a lack of respect.

Cheap alternatives to the traditional funeral

The stories are often very recognizable. “When father died, the question arose who should pay for his funeral. The little money he used to have was gone. For years, it had been transferred in small amounts every month to some dubious lottery company, in the hope of one day winning a big prize. But that never came, nor did a good funeral insurance policy.” Now every person has the right to a dignified burial and it is the duty of the surviving relatives to ensure that, period! But let’s be honest, there are already so many robbers making money from us in life, then we are not going to let the money disappear into the undertaker’s pockets after death. But there is good news for people with a smaller budget. Nowadays there are very cheap alternatives to the traditional funeral. This usually concerns offers that are combined in a package that contains everything one needs for a sober but dignified funeral. A price comparison is definitely worthwhile.

The “low-budget funeral” is making its debut

Relatives increasingly want to spend less money on a funeral. People are short on cash or, for example, they discover that the deceased still had several thousand euros in debts to Wehkamp. And then 5,000 euros for a funeral is a lot of money. A few years ago, the phenomenon of low-budget funerals made its appearance in the funeral industry. The prices of such a low-budget funeral are only a fraction of the amounts that people usually have to pay for a funeral (somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 euros).

Budget Funeral has a customized service

The trade association of funeral directors, the BGNU, also notes that people have less and less to spend. Budget funerals with customized services are gaining popularity, especially in major cities. This may include matters such as:

  • canceling the farewell ceremony;
  • choosing a cheaper coffin;
  • omitting a second cup of coffee after the ceremony.

It is not only the crisis that is driving the demand for cheap funerals

The demand for cheap funerals is not only fueled by the financial crisis. People also want to do more and more themselves. Funeral companies respond to this by offering a cheap basic package. A proper cremation can be arranged for rock-bottom prices of less than €1,500.

To summarize, some final tips for a cheap funeral

  • cremation costs less than burial: no burial fees are payable and an urn simply costs less than a gravestone;
  • support cars are expensive. Black taxis are a significantly cheaper alternative;
  • Funeral bouquets are also expensive. Regular bouquets are less expensive but can be just as stylish at a funeral;
  • the usual coffee table in a rented room or funeral home is a hefty expense, while as a rule this can be done just as well at home;
  • and last but not least, it is usually possible to negotiate the price of a quote with funeral companies.