RegioBank and deposit guarantee scheme

Regio Bank is part of de Volksbank. How safe is your money at Regio Bank and what does the deposit guarantee scheme mean for you? Can you continue to save safely here and how much guarantee do you have on your money and savings? What happens to the participation certificates of the SNS bank? What is your bank guarantee with this bank? Through nationalization, De Volksbank is the Regio Bank in the hands of the State.

Regio Bank as an independent bank

De Regio Bank is part of de Volksbank, which also includes SNS, BLG Wonen and ASN Bank. Regiobank was an independent bank with its own banking license, but was brought together in 2013 by a poor real estate portfolio at SNS Reaal. Solutions had to be devised for SNS Reaal at the beginning of 2013:

  • Sale of the good parts of SNS Reaal;
  • A complete nationalization;
  • Setting up a bath bench;
  • Debt restructuring and write-off;
  • Split-up and closure of SNS Reaal.

On February 1, 2013, SNS Reaal was nationalized and several banks came under the umbrella of the Dutch State. One would think that it is hardly possible to save more safely.

Regiobank named the best bank in the Netherlands

De Regiobank is doing excellently. This bank won the Customer Centric DNA Award 2017. This is a major public award in the field of customer-oriented entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. An important prize, because this bank was voted the most customer-oriented bank after a survey among more than 13,000 Dutch people. You can easily contact an independent RegioBank advisor for all your financial matters. This customer focus is highly appreciated by customers.

Region Bank and deposit guarantee scheme for your savings

This means that Regio Bank falls under the banking license of de Volksbank. Good news for the saver. Your money is covered by the deposit guarantee scheme, which means that you have a guarantee of up to 100,000 euros per account holder in the event that Regio Bank goes bankrupt. If you also bank with other banks that fall under De Volksbank, you must ensure that all money falls under the same banking license and bank guarantee. The same applies to ASN Bank. After all, ASN Bank is also a good bank, but part of de Volksbank. In the case of an invoice, there is a guarantee of up to 200,000 euros.

Save at Regio Bank in 2020

Savings and your savings at Regio Bank are therefore safe up to a certain maximum amount of money, business and private. When ABN AMRO was nationalized, it was quickly possible to pay with one’s own bills again. ABN AMRO has already largely gone public, and this could also happen with de Volksbank in the long term. An alternative could be that some individual banks will be sold. You do not have to worry about the investments, because they fall under the investor compensation scheme of De Nederlandsche Bank. A mortgage with Regios Bank will also not be jeopardized if this brand name is sold. At most, the mortgage ends up in the hands of another bank.

Conclusion is it safe to save at Regio Bank?

Yes, saving at Regio Bank is safe for up to 100,000 euros per account holder. If this bank is sold to a foreign bank, it must be determined which bank guarantee will apply. It is likely that the sale of a bank to a foreign party will not take place that quickly, but that the bank will be nationalized sooner.