Export to Australia

A lot is exported from the Netherlands to Australia. In total, this amounts to more than 1.4 billion euros annually. The main export product to Australia is agricultural machinery. The country is not necessarily very accessible to foreign investors. For example, the Australian government imposes high import duties. Conversely, imports to the Netherlands from Australia are a lot smaller. Read all about it in this article. A relatively large number of goods are shipped from the Netherlands to Australia. This amounts to more than 1.4 billion euros annually. There has been a significant increase. In 2010 there was an increase in exports of 14 percent compared to the year before. In total, this amounts to 0.4 percent of the total exports of the Netherlands. Conversely, there was also an increase in imports. This was an increase of 3 percent from a year earlier. In total, this amounted to 0.2 percent of the total imports of the Netherlands. Previously, imports had collapsed sharply due to the crisis.

Import from and to Australia

A large part of the import consists of oil seeds and fruits. In 2010 this already accounted for a quarter of total imports. Furthermore, many medicines and coal are imported. There is relatively little mention of consumer goods. That’s because it costs a lot of money to transport products to Australia and vice versa. This has to do with the long travel distance. Many agricultural machines are sent to Australia from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for exporting many of these machines because they have a highly developing agricultural industry. Other machines that are commonly used are food machines. Another sector that offers more and more opportunities is the ICT sector. The telecommunications sector also offers opportunities, because it is rapidly developing.

The economy of Australia

Australia is no less than 185 times larger than the Netherlands, but has only 23 million inhabitants. The country’s economy has been growing rapidly for years and unemployment is relatively low. Australia’s most important trading partner is the United States, but China is starting to play an increasingly important role in the region. That country is crying out for raw materials and many of them are obtained from Australia. This is partly due to its favorable location. At the same time, Australia keeps its economy closed to too much foreign influence. It is difficult for foreigners to obtain a work permit for Australia. Import duties also have to be paid for most products, making it not very attractive to export goods to the country on a large scale.

Export yourself to Australia

Those who want to do business in Australia have various options. It is usually wise to look for an Australian business partner. This is because you will probably not receive a residence permit to work, especially if you do not yet have a major economic interest in the country. Furthermore, for example, the Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch Embassy in Australia offer advice to starting entrepreneurs. For example, they can put you in touch with Australian colleagues and possible customers. Another option is to try to tap into a market in Australia via the internet. The population speaks the English language, so the threshold is relatively low. However, you must look for a product that sells well, the so-called gap in the market. That’s because you have to deal with expensive shipping costs, so you need to have enough margin on your product to actually make a profit.