Top deposit interest rate 2021

A top deposit in 2021 gives up to 0.90% interest, a high return. That is much more interest than the savings interest on a regular savings account at a bank, which often makes a savings deposit a smart choice. A savings deposit has advantages and disadvantages. The interest on a savings deposit is fixed, there is a lot of choice, and the interest is high. Pay attention to the term of your deposit and whether the term is automatically extended or not. Choose a deposit that suits your needs, and it is a good idea to compare the interest on deposit savings at different banks. An alternative to a Dutch savings deposit is saving with Savedo or Raisin (both German).

Top deposit savings 2021, high interest

When you start saving, you can choose from a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. You get a variable interest rate if your money can be withdrawn immediately, a fixed interest rate if you lock up your money for a longer period of time. And locking up your money for a year or longer immediately gives you the advantage of higher savings interest. The interest rate is not higher to the same extent at every bank. It is therefore best to compare a number of banks and their savings interest rates on deposit savings. Saving a deposit can therefore be attractive for you.

Term deposit, savings deposit

You indicate in advance to the bank of your choice how long you want to leave your money in the account. This could be a number of months, but also ten to twenty years. During that period you will be paid your interest annually. Even if the interest rate changes in the meantime, you will not be affected. The interest rate remains the same for your savings deposit. The big advantage is that you are guaranteed an extra income or, for example, can save specifically for a specific goal.

The terms and conditions of a deposit

The most important condition of a deposit is that you cannot access your money immediately, but only after the term has expired. However, some banks also allow withdrawal of the money during the term in some cases. Sometimes with a fine, sometimes without. That is why a high-interest deposit is right for you if:

  • You may miss your money for a while;
  • You want a fixed interest rate that will no longer decrease.

Benefits of a savings deposit 2021

The benefits of deposit savings in 2021 are:

  • The interest you receive is known. So no surprises;
  • The savings interest is higher with a longer term than with a regular savings account;
  • There is a lot of choice;
  • You may purchase multiple deposits to spread your money.

Highest interest on deposit savings 2021 compared

If you check a number of banks, you can easily compare the interest rates. It can work out differently per term, the maximum achievable interest rate at different banks is shown below. There are large differences in interest rates. That difference is often related to the chosen term, but not always:

Top deposit savings, maximum savings interest January 1, 2021:

Maximum deposit interest rate



Yapi Kredi


Lease plan bank




Central management


NIBC Direct






Aegon bank


Credit Europe


National Netherlands


Van Lanschot




Guarantee bank


ABN Amro

As you can see, an interest rate on deposit savings of a maximum of 0.90% is possible. It takes some searching, but it is certainly worth it.

Savedo and Raisin

Savedo and Raisin are German savings platforms that make saving at a foreign bank possible. Here too you can save with a savings deposit or term deposit. Normally it is difficult to save with a foreign bank from the Netherlands, because you are required to be a resident of the country. Fintech companies Savedo and Raisin do the identification for you. They will ask you for the necessary papers and will also take care of communication with the banks. You open an account with Savedo or Raisin as soon as the identification has been completed and you can then indicate which bank you want to save with. Once you have made a choice, you have taken out a savings deposit with the chosen bank. These two savings platforms only allow saving at a foreign bank that falls under the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme. Most banks from these savings platforms allow saving in euros so that there is no currency risk. Furthermore, the paperwork can easily be arranged to prevent you from paying double wealth tax. Here too there may be very interesting offers. If you find this too complicated, it is best to choose from the above-mentioned Dutch savings deposits.

So choose a high return

The savings interest on a regular savings account is low at the beginning of 2021, while a smart choice from the many savings deposits can achieve a much higher return. For the highest return on a term deposit, you must lock up your money for a long time, but this has the great advantage that you will receive a high savings interest rate for many years to come. A fixed high savings interest rate is therefore certainly possible.

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