ASN Bank and deposit guarantee scheme

Are your savings safe with ASN Bank? Does this bank fall under the deposit guarantee scheme and what if it goes bankrupt? What is the relationship with SNS Reaal? The ASN is known for sustainable savings and investments in the Netherlands, but yes, that relationship with SNS Bank. What does the nationalization of SNS Reaal mean for your money at this ASN Bank?

ASN is part of de Volksbank in 2020 and 2021

  • ASN Bank the sustainable bank
  • ASN Bank is part of de Volksbank
  • ASN Bank and the deposit guarantee scheme
  • Save at ASN Bank
  • Conclusion ASN Bank and deposit guarantee scheme 2020 and 2021

ASN Bank the sustainable bank

Together with the Triodos bank, ASN Bank is a sustainable bank. ASN Bank has a long history that originated from the union. The union was well aware that poor working conditions and poor environmental management ultimately fall on the employees who have to do the work. This led to the desire to set up a bank that would work on sustainable and responsible investments at home and abroad. A sympathetic idea that has attracted many savers since its founding in 1960. The bank regularly wins an award for its activities. And the bank does not stand still. Where many savings accounts and savings forms used to be offered, it has been decided to cut this number of savings forms. This saves costs and gives you the opportunity to give you a high savings interest rate.

ASN Bank is part of de Volksbank

ASN Bank was an independent bank with only one shareholder: SNS Reaal. Now that SNS Reaal is in dire straits due to a bad real estate portfolio, ASN Bank is a trade name of de Volksbank NV

ASN Bank and the deposit guarantee scheme

The deposit guarantee scheme of the Dutch Bank also means for ASN Bank that your savings per person are guaranteed up to a maximum of 100,000 euros. Together with your partner, this is a guarantee of 200,000 euros. For every bank, including ASN Bank, it is better to stay below these amounts when saving. For many people this maximum is sufficient, for others it is always better to spread their savings over a few banks to be safe. This does not mean, however, that ASN Bank will collapse. ASN Bank is running well. Moreover, SNS Reaal is a system bank and a system bank has always received support from the Dutch State when necessary, which makes it relatively safe to save with a system bank. ASN Bank can also be sold to another bank. Sustainability scores high and ASN Bank meets the requirements.

Save at ASN Bank

You save at ASN Bank in a savings account from which the money can also be withdrawn immediately, Ideaalsparen, or on a savings deposit:

ASN Ideal savings

With ASN Ideaalsparen your credit is always freely withdrawable and there are no obligations to deposit money regularly.

ASN Youth Savings

Youth savings is possible for a child or grandchild between the ages of 0 and 18. The money is fixed until the eighteenth birthday and gives a nice savings interest.

ASN Depositosparen

You can also save a deposit. You can choose from a savings deposit for 1 to 10 years.

Conclusion ASN Bank and deposit guarantee scheme 2020 and 2021

ASN Bank is fully covered by the deposit guarantee scheme. This means a guarantee of 100,000 euros per person, private and business. The bank offers all kinds of savings where the money is invested in sustainable projects around the world. The bank does not have a large branch network and only one administration office, in The Hague. So little costs. This allows the bank to offer you a high and sustainable interest rate.