MoneYou and deposit guarantee scheme

How is MoneYou covered by the deposit guarantee scheme in 2020 and how is your savings or savings deposit guaranteed with this bank? MoneYou also gives a higher savings interest rate than the larger banks, how is that possible? What guarantee does this bank offer you, what is the deposit guarantee scheme and where can you find a MoneYou branch? This is a good example of a smaller bank becoming a brand of a large bank. The smaller bank can give a high savings interest rate, the larger one cannot, while the guarantee is the same.

The advantages of bank MoneYou

  • MoneYou is from ABN AMRO
  • Savings safe, what is the guarantee of the deposit guarantee scheme?
  • I have an account with MoneYou and ABN AMRO, how big is the deposit guarantee scheme?
  • What is MoneYou mortgage
  • Save smart with MoneYou

MoneYou is from ABN AMRO

MoneYou is a subsidiary of ABN AMRO and is fully covered by the guarantee that a savings account with ABN AMRO offers. MoneYou started as a mortgage bank, but has continued to expand its activities with online savings. Business and private. The bank is successful in this. This is because internet savings can be arranged quickly and this daughter generally offers a high interest rate on savings accounts and savings deposits. Higher than the larger banks tend to do. The fact that MoneYou can do this is mainly because the bank has no branches and is therefore not saddled with an expensive branch network.

Savings safe, what is the guarantee of the deposit guarantee scheme?

A bank can go bankrupt, there are known examples of this. MoneYou is part of ABN AMRO and ABN AMRO is a state-owned bank. The risk that you will lose your savings with this bank is therefore small. However, it is wise for any bank not to have more than 100,000 euros in savings. MoneYou falls under the ABN AMRO deposit guarantee scheme. This means that up to 100,000 euros in money, savings and regular accounts per person is completely safe. If you have an account, the guarantee also applies per person and therefore 200,000 euros is guaranteed. If you have a business account, this is also guaranteed up to 100,000 euros, under certain conditions.

I have an account with MoneYou and ABN AMRO, how big is the deposit guarantee scheme?

As long as ABN AMRO is largely a state-owned bank, the guarantee is in practice 100%. As soon as ABN AMRO goes fully public, you will again have to deal with the normal rules of the deposit guarantee scheme with a maximum of one hundred thousand euros in savings. What you should pay attention to at that time is that MoneYou is a kind of brand of ABN AMRO and therefore your money with ABN AMRO and MoneYou are covered by the same guarantee. This means an amount of 100,000 euros for both banks at the same time and not per bank.

What is MoneYou mortgage

You can easily take out a mortgage with this bank. You can also request a mortgage quote online. Several types of mortgages can be taken out. You can take out a mortgage with mortgage advice or without it. Applying for a mortgage without mortgage advice is possible with the MoneYou mortgage. This has no closing commission. Applying for a mortgage without arrangement fee is much cheaper, but especially suitable for those who know exactly what kind of mortgage they want. The MoneYou mortgage is available with terms ranging from one year to thirty years. You can choose from a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate.

Save smart with MoneYou

Anyone who wants to save with this subsidiary of ABN AMRO has a lot of options for saving. From an immediately withdrawable savings account with 0.050% savings interest to a quarterly account and a savings deposit. The maximum term of a savings deposit is fixed for two years. Or tie up your savings for six months to two years. Lots of choice and safe.

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