What is the best health insurance for young people?

What is the best health insurance for young people? When you just turn eighteen, you have to take out your own health insurance, but how do you know which one to choose? There are so many options, so where do you start when choosing health insurance? If you are young, which health insurance is best for you?

Health insurance mandatory

Everyone aged eighteen and over is required to take out health insurance in the Netherlands. Everyone must at least take out basic insurance. You can optionally take out additional supplementary insurance, but this is not mandatory. You are completely free to choose which provider you take out your health insurance with, because health insurers are obliged to accept every new customer.

Health insurance for young people

Young people usually do not have that much money to spend, because they are still at school, for example. It is therefore not surprising that many young people go for the cheapest provider. However, is the cheapest insurance also the cheapest health insurance for young people? The basic premium is always the same per provider, but there are differences. For example, there are health insurance policies that do not allow you to freely choose in which hospital you are treated. This can be difficult, because the hospital near your home may not be covered by insurance. That is of course not ideal. Yet there are also many cheap health insurance policies that are specifically intended for young people.

Own risk

The deductible is also mandatory for health insurance. The amount may differ. For example, the deductible in 2012 was 220 euros. In 2013, this amount was increased to 350 euros. With many health insurance policies you have the option to increase the deductible. Your monthly premium will then be a lot lower. Increasing the deductible is only advisable if you do not often visit the doctor and almost never have medical problems. However, it is a risk you take, because it will cost you a lot more if you end up needing the deductible.

What are good health insurers?

In the past it has become apparent that various health insurance policies are very popular among young people. These are, for example, the insurance policies of:

  • AndersZorg
  • FBTO
  • Unive
  • Zekur

All these health insurers have health insurance that is intended for young people. This means that additional items that may be useful for young people are reimbursed. It is also possible that you get something for free when you register, for example condoms.

What is the cheapest health insurer?

The cheapest health insurer may vary from year to year. Every year insurers come up with a new offer. In 2012, AndersZorg was the cheapest health insurance for young people.

Best health insurance for young people?

What is the best health insurance for young people? This depends entirely on your own wishes. It’s good to think about what you want and what things are important to you. Do you only want a basic premium or also additional insurance? Do you want a higher deductible or not? Compare different insurers with each other so that you can find a suitable offer. You can easily compare health insurance policies online.