You can save not only at the bank, but also at the super

Saving is a fun activity, especially if it also yields extra money and/or goods. Not only adults, but also children can often save with dedication. It is a form of collecting and that is in the blood of many people. One of the most common ways to start saving is to open a savings account at the bank, but unfortunately you get less and less interest on that. People are even starting to talk about negative interest rates, which would mean that saving at the bank would cost money. Not everyone has money to spare, but there are other options. Even for people who are just barely making ends meet with their income and have no money left over. For those who are interested in it, it can become a fun (often necessary) sport.

You cannot save at the bank alone

Saving is actually a way to earn extra money. Not so much with physical work and being rewarded for it, but by putting it into practice so that it earns money itself. You can do this by putting it in a bank that actually adds money to it, but also by buying stamps, for which you will later get more money back than you invested. Saving provides a buffer that will make it easier to live in the future, or that can provide additional income or a specific, major purchase.

Savings promotions from retailers and manufacturers

Many retailers and manufacturers occasionally hold savings promotions to attract new customers or to promote their products. For example, in the past, the manufacturer of the detergent Ariel had small sample packs of the washing powder delivered free door to door in order to attract new customers. Sanex has also tried to draw more attention to a deodorant in this way. Sometimes small samples were even delivered through the mail. It’s worth paying attention to those actions.

Save coins yourself

Saving coins is a fun activity. Not only can you build a coin collection, but you can also simply save coins for certain purposes. For example, save all the loose euros or save 10 or 20 cent coins in a special box or tube and only count it when it is full. Determine in advance what you are saving for. This could be for the holidays, but also for a new item of clothing, shoes, a household appliance, study books, or whatever else you would like to have.

Savings stamps from the supermarket and other stores often yield real money

The most well-known and accepted way of saving is through savings stamps. Placed on a card you can usually get a discount at the relevant stores. It is of course also a form of customer loyalty, but often fun too.

Savings cards with additional payment

Nowadays there are many savings cards on which you can only receive gifts for an additional fee. That is the less interesting type of savings card, because the retailer or manufacturer often earns something extra on those gifts. The gifts are purchased cheaper, but you ultimately pay approximately the retail price including the savings card.

Savings promotions with money back

Savings promotions, where you can ask for money back on a purchased product, are really fun, but you have to be careful. Immediately hand in the receipt correctly, because if you are late, you will find out. Pay close attention to the end date of the promotion, because often the products are still in the store with the offer on them, but the promotion has already expired and you will not get the amount back.

Reward points for certain products

Douwe Egberts’ savings points are well known, but actually yield little compared to a number of years ago. For example, you have to save for a very long time before you can save up for a coffee maker. Not only retailers, but also gas stations often give loyalty points as a form of customer loyalty.

‘Free’ products

Sometimes you can get free coffee mugs or glasses on them. However, be sober about this. All savings promotions cost the retailer money and must ultimately be paid for by the customer. The price of the savings campaign is therefore included in the price of the company’s products. It costs the retailer nothing.


Saving through airline miles is well established. A card from this savings system will initially cost you a small amount in administration or registration costs, but you can use it to save at various businesses, such as Albert Heijn, Shell and Praxis, among others. You can receive gifts for the airline miles you earn (on your own brand products).

It is always about customer loyalty and information

Of course, this system also involves your data and your purchasing behavior. After all, the companies are very keen on this, but with every purchase you will receive extra airline miles when you show your savings card. That can sometimes add up quite a bit. This way you can often get some nice gifts for your family around Sinterklaas.

Discount coupons at hardware stores

Hardware stores often issue discount coupons. They often have an expiration date, so it makes sense to keep those coupons on your desk so that they are not out of sight, as they are usually forgotten. After all, the same often happens with stored gift vouchers. Check the coupons regularly and try to redeem a few at a time for something you will need soon.

Pay attention to announced savings promotions

Pay attention to savings promotions and advertisements via newspapers, mobile telephones and the internet. Sometimes you can benefit from it, but there is also an end date. For example, you can sometimes charge your prepaid phone for little money or a very affordable promotion for cheap detergent or another product is announced, and the term ‘out of’ often says enough.

VAT discount

Be careful with so-called “savings promotions” via VAT. Shops often carefully raise prices to a higher level and then suddenly come up with prices on which VAT supposedly does not have to be paid. These actions are often taken out of the blue. After all, every retailer must pay the VAT on the products sold to the tax authorities and will not pay it out of their own pocket. In that case, other products in the store have often temporarily increased in price. As a customer, you always ultimately pay the VAT yourself.

Take a look around yourself

Pay close attention when doing your weekly shopping. Some retailers hold savings promotions for their own customer base. Always check carefully whether the promotion is worthwhile for you. Sometimes there is a temporary promotion with savings stamps for a box of products from that supermarket, for which one or two full savings cards must be exchanged.

Don’t leave free savings stamps lying around

If you do not need the products that you can get or buy with the promotion, take the stamps with you if they are free. You can probably make a family member or friend happy with it. You then have a greater chance that someone else will also help you save if you want to participate in a particular savings campaign.

Free products on savings stamps that you don’t need

If you can get free products on your stamps at your supermarket or hardware store, but you can’t do anything with them, take it anyway, take a photo of it and sell it on the internet. This way you often get money in return.