Export to Turkey

Turkey is a very popular export country. Because there are relatively many Turks living in the Netherlands, there is a huge amount of export to Turkey. Conversely, there is also a large import, especially by Turkish Dutch. Turkey is not part of the European Union, but does have a trade agreement with the EU. As a result, export duties often do not have to be paid on products. Read all about it in this article. There is increasing trade with Turkey. Exports to Turkey increased sharply in 2011. There was an increase of 6 percent compared to a year earlier. The increase in exports was still considerably higher a year earlier. This was an increase of 29 percent. It is good to know that this was a year after exports reached an all-time low. Exports to Turkey had plummeted as a result of the credit crisis. At the same time, imports to the Netherlands are still growing rapidly. In 2011, 2 billion euros worth of goods were imported from Turkey. That was an increase of 25 percent compared to a year earlier. Then imports also increased by 18 percent.

Economy of Turkey

Turkey in particular has been experiencing rapid economic growth in recent years. There are several reasons for this. There was considerable political instability for a long time. The army regularly staged coups that deposed the government. For a number of years there has been a fairly stable government under the rule of Prime Minister Erdogan. This also gives confidence to investors. Furthermore, tourists have discovered the Turkish coast en masse. Many Dutch people also travel to Turkey. In 2007, Turkey was the most popular holiday destination among Dutch people. The country was even better visited than France and Spain. Furthermore, the country has a very central location in the region. It functions as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Turkey is also an important ally of America. The United States needed Turkey to attack Iraq. Therefore, it has invested a lot of money financially in the country.

Export to Turkey

From Turkey, mainly women’s and baby clothing is exported to the Netherlands. Conversely, the Netherlands mainly exports machines and chemicals to Turkey. That is the most important export product. In 2009, for example, 684 road tractors were sent to the country. In 20111, that number had already grown to 4,134 tractors. The Netherlands is an important trading partner because there are relatively many Dutch people of Turkish descent. These make it easier for them to start a business in their former home country. Because they speak the language and have contacts, this is a very attractive option. Precisely because the economy is doing so well in Turkey, more and more Dutch people have started investing in the country.

How can I export goods to Turkey?

Turkey is not part of the European Union. It is possible that she will join the EU in the future, but that is not the case for the time being. This means that an ATR certificate is required when someone exports items to a country outside the European Union. THE EU has signed a customs agreement with Turkey. This means that no import duties have to be paid on most goods. The ATR certificate cannot be used for many agricultural goods and steel products. In that case, the origin is important. A Eur.1 certificate is then required. If you do not know exactly how it works, it is wise to contact your local Chamber of Commerce. They have enough experience or can refer you if necessary.