Save money on the hairdresser

You are looking for opportunities to save. You just want to save a little more. The average Dutch person aged eighteen and older visits the hairdresser more than eight times a year. A number of tips and tricks to reduce the costs of your hairdresser visit. Cutting back is easier than making money quickly.

The hair salon: how much money is spent?

More than half of Dutch adults visit a hair salon. In general, these visits are made every six weeks. Men spend around twenty euros per visit. They usually have their hair cut alone. For women, the average cost is around forty euros. Many women also have their hair colored, so this may explain the cost. So the hair salon is visited just over eight times a year. Costs for men are then on average eight times twenty, which is one hundred and sixty euros per year. For women we then arrive at double the amount: eight times forty is three hundred and twenty euros. If you want to save, you can earn money quickly here.

Alternatives to the hair salon?

Another option to have your hair treated professionally is the home hairdresser. The costs are usually somewhat lower because this person does not incur costs for renting the building and large, expensive equipment. However, sometimes call-out costs are charged. The average haircut (i.e. for women and men) generally charges fifteen euros. Another way to cut back is to get a haircut from a handy family member.

Earn money quickly: switch from hair salon to home hairdresser

If you want to save money and you all go to the hair salon, you could consider having the hairdresser come to your home in the future. You don’t just save on cutting costs. In addition, a home hairdresser is also useful. You can also make an appointment in the evening. You no longer have to go through logistical challenges to get all family members to the hairdresser at the same time. Plus you can continue with your activities at home once you’ve had your hair cut. Then you no longer have the problem of children getting bored or small children whining. You don’t have to take time off from work or visit the hairdresser at busy peak times. This is making money quickly. You save money, time and annoyance.

Save: cut yourself

Maybe you have a family member who is good at cutting. Then ask if they can be of service to you. Then you can combine a visit with a haircut. If you don’t have handy cutters in your circle of acquaintances, you can also consider cutting your own. For example, you could cut the boys and men with clippers in the summer. Be sure to read the instructions for use carefully. For the ladies there are plenty of online examples and instructions on how to cut. You could even take a cutting and styling course if you think you will get a financial return and save money in the long run. Invest in good scissors that you only use for cutting.

The clippers

If you don’t feel completely comfortable cutting with hair clippers, you should invest in a hairdresser one more time. Have the desired hairstyle cut or shaved. Then check with the purchased hair clipper which position of the blades this corresponds to. Then you can imitate this.

Hair clipper instructions for use

Invest in a good pair of hair clippers. If you shave with clippers, do this with dry hair. You should also make sure that you do not shave too much hair at the same time and that the shaving head does not clog. You shave against the hairline. Start carefully and modestly (not too short!) with the person who is not so vain and who can live with a less perfect or standard hairstyle. Do this in the summer. Then it is not so bad if the hair is a little too short. An additional advantage is that if you get some dexterity, you can shave all kinds of shapes into your hair. Think of a football, the logo of a football club and so on. Tips for using the hair clipper can be found at: Hair clipper