Borrow or invest via crowdfunding? Check these sites

P2P lending or crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular. Internationally and in the Netherlands. Banks are not keen on providing loans to private individuals and starting entrepreneurs. But do you have a great idea for a business or do you want an affordable loan as a private individual? Then take a look at a crowdfunding site. Even if you want to invest a manageable amount, earn more returns than you earn with a savings account or simply want to help someone get started financially, these sites are the right choice for you. From 2010 onwards, crowdfunders also emerged in the Netherlands. Almost all sites have been set up by people who already have experience in the financial world. Most sites are mainly aimed at entrepreneurs and start-up companies or social initiatives. Increasingly, private individuals can also go there.


The sites serve as a kind of Marketplace on which the borrower submits his loan application and waits for people and financiers to subscribe with a partial amount. The time within which the loan must be full is usually determined in advance. Count on about three months.


The borrower determines the term and interest himself. For example, existing entrepreneurs request financing for a renovation, new car or work inventory. Starting entrepreneurs explain their plans and substantiate the amount they need as starting capital. Private individuals can also contact crowdfunders on some sites, for example on the Geldvoorelkaar and Chipin sites. The principle is simple: suppose you want to borrow 10,000, many investors can lend you that together. Each investor contributes an amount of their own choosing. This varies from 100 to many thousands of euros. The interest rates vary from 5 to 15% (determinable within reason), percentages that may be attractive to investors. Chipin involves donations and does not require a minimum amount or interest rates.


The sites list all applications that are currently underway. The status is displayed in graphics that indicate how many investors contribute to the loan amount and what the interim position is. Both the borrowers and the financiers remain anonymous.

Ten crowdfunding sites

This new site works with several major parties and has already made a few major investments. At the end of 2011, was already investing an average of one thousand euros per day.

This crowdfunding player was founded in 2010 and was the only one with a license from the AFM in January 2013. The site already invested approximately six hundred thousand euros in 2010.

At first some people think that this site is about donations, but nothing could be further from the truth. This concerns financing that you may obtain via ‘the Wekomenerwel method’. You really have to get started.

You also have to work here if you want to register. For example, you must submit a comprehensive plan. The first four investments were made by approximately 150 investors who invested 70,000.

This is an initiative of a subsidiary of ABN AMRO. Potential investors invest via Seeds from 10 euros. focuses mainly on socially responsible entrepreneurs.

A Dutch platform that was founded in 2014. For entrepreneurs who want to invest and are looking for capital. You can invest from as little as 25 euros.

A large Dutch platform that focuses on entrepreneurs.

PitchStart has a British background. It collaborates with the British crowdfunding website Crowdcube, which has been active on the British market since 2010. The Netherlands is the second market that the British are entering. Further international expansion is expected to follow.

This American site is more of a tool than a crowdfunding platform. Raising money is easy with ChipIn. Very suitable for private individuals. You do need a Paypal account.

Also American. You can keep the money you raise anyway. Even if you have not reached the target amount. In that case, IndieGoGo collects 4% of the money.

This site claims to be the largest worldwide. This offers advantages when raising capital. The disadvantage is that this site charges 5% of your collected money anyway.

Also an American site. If you reach at least 80% of the target amount in the set time, Peerbackers will deposit the money into your account. They do charge 5% of the capital raised.

Donations or investments

There is a difference between the American/international crowdfunding websites and the crowdfunding sites from the Netherlands: the former mainly generate donations, while the Dutch ones revolve around investments and loans. The reason is that US law prohibits sharing profits through these sites. Another reason could be that Americans are more accustomed to donating.


If you embark on the crowdfunding path, pay attention to the following aspects: what are the rules of the site if you do not reach the amount within the set time? Some sites do not transfer the funding if the target amount has not been reached, but still charge a few percent costs. Check it before you start. After that, a world of possibilities may open up for you.