Tips for planning a business event

There is a lot to consider when planning a business event. It is therefore important that you work in a structured way, so that you do not overlook any elements of the event. It’s best to create a schedule and to-do list for yourself, crossing off tasks as you complete them. It is also smart to work in a team, so you can outsource certain tasks. You must then of course check whether the tasks have been completed correctly. By working together you also gain insights that you might never have had alone. Here are a number of tips to ensure that your planning and your corporate event run smoothly.

Target audience

Determine your target group. What kind of people come to your corporate event? Is it for employees, customers or potential customers? Based on this you can then continue to fill in the event. You probably want to convey a different message to employees than to customers or potential customers. For employees you can probably provide a little more internal information, while you want to appease potential customers during the event.

How many visitors?

How many people are coming to your event? Do they come with or without a partner? When planning your business event, you should of course take the size of the group into account. Also take into account people who are invited, but do not come! By having people send a confirmation when they arrive, you reduce this problem. You will then have a better idea of approximately how many people will come. However, you will always have to take into account people who send the confirmation and do not come, or who do not send the confirmation and do come.

Partners or no partners?

If partners come to the event, you must of course also take this into account when communicating your message. Partners obviously know less about the organization than the employees or customers themselves. There may also be things that you do not or do not want to tell if partners are present at the event. Still, the presence of partners is something you should think about carefully. Without partners you can work on the teamwork of your staff, with partners you can focus the event more on loyalty. You don’t have to motivate or encourage your employees’ partners.


What is the budget for your event? By determining the financial limit at an early stage, you only think about profitable options. With a low budget it is simply not possible to book four major artists. Keep a constant eye on the budget while organizing so that you can adjust the budget (or program) if necessary. You can do this if, for example, the event is in no way feasible within the budget. If this is the case, you should ask yourself whether you should take a different approach to your goals.

Time and date

Decide well in advance when and at what time you want the event to take place. This way you can communicate it to the guests at an early stage, so that they can keep the day free in their agendas. When planning the date and time, take into account rush hour, important football matches and other special occasions. Of course you don’t want people to cancel en masse because the orange team is playing an important match that evening.


Invite your guests several times. First send a save the date, then the official invitation and later a reminder. Make sure your invitation is attractive and convinces your guests to come. Make sure that the invitation is designed in such a way that your guest gets the feeling that he is indispensable at your party. Also respond to his emotions or expectations in the invitation, so that he is more likely to come. You can choose to keep the entire program secret until the event, but this will not trigger people to come. Build up the tension, but communicate what is going to happen before the event.


Provide a suitable location. The location must offer enough space for your guests, but also be easily accessible by car or public transport. In this case, also provide parking tickets or exit tickets for your guests, so that they are not faced with any surprises when leaving your event. You can also choose to pick up your guests and take them to the event, so you don’t have to take parking spaces or timetables into account. This way you can be sure that the majority of your guests will be on time and stay for a long time. They do not have the opportunity to go home in between. Of course, it costs a lot of money, because you have to have buses drive throughout the Netherlands to pick up your guests.


Provide a varied program. Start with the more boring parts and end with a splash. Give your guests enough breaks so they can enjoy the event in peace. Try to alternate between informative and entertaining elements. When organizing, think not only about what you like, but also about what your guests would like. You may like schlager music, but that doesn’t mean that all guests like it. So try to find a nice average that will appeal to most of your guests.


Also think about your guests after the event. Send them a link to the photos or a DVD with a recording of the event a week after the event. This way, guests will think back to your company’s event! They will also enjoy looking for photos of themselves. A DVD is nice when, for example, the partners are not invited to the event. This way, guests can also show at home what they did at the event.