An attractive curriculum vitae

If you are looking for a (different) job, it is useful to create a good curriculum vitae (CV). In a CV you state who you are and what you can do. Work experience, education, knowledge and skills should be part of your CV. How do you create an attractive curriculum vitae for an employer?

Meaning of curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae is the Latin name for life history. In this document, usually referred to as a CV, a person describes his/her life history, mainly focusing on work experience and diplomas obtained. The CV is used for job applications. With the rise of the Internet and social media, it is possible to make your CV generally available. For this purpose, you can create a mother resume, in which you mention all your education, work experiences, skills, knowledge and interests. You can adapt this basic CV to the job requirements of the vacancy when applying for a job.

What requirements should a CV meet?

To start with, you need to take care of the layout of the resume. Please note the following points:

  • Use font
  • Write error-free and in correct Dutch
  • Good, consistent alignment
  • Clear use of points, commas and bullet points
  • Same line spacing everywhere
  • Use of headline and text

Use font

The most commonly used font is Times. It is advisable not to choose this font if you want your resume to stand out. It is better to choose a clear and businesslike font, for example Arial.

Write error-free and correct Dutch

Before you send it, check your CV for spelling errors. If necessary, have someone else take a look at it. Make sure the text is short and concise.

Good, consistent alignment

By using tabs instead of spaces you can ensure good, consistent alignment of the text. Once you have the text of your CV ready, save it in a PDF file. This prevents the text from jumping.

Clear use of points, commas and bullet points

To ensure the readability of the CV, it is wise to pay attention to the unambiguous use of points, commas and bullet points. Don’t overdo the use of bullet points.

Same line spacing everywhere

Make sure you use the same line spacing everywhere. You can set this in the menu bar. Usually a line spacing of 1.5 is used.

Use of headline and text

By using clear headings above the text, you give the CV an orderly and neat appearance.

How is a CV constructed?

  • Personal details
  • educations
  • Work experience
  • Other information
  • References

Personal details

Your personal data are listed under the heading “Personalia”. You can display this clearly:





Date of birth:













Under the heading “Training”, list all the training courses you have completed in reverse chronological order. So you start with the most recently completed course and end with the course you completed the longest ago. This could look like this:





Internal training courses



HBO Bachelor





Work experience

Under the heading “Work experience” it is also stated in reverse chronological order which positions you have held during your life and with which employers. You can also display this clearly:





Banking and insurance industry



Insurance office





Other information

You can classify various skills under other data. This could be anything: language skills, computer knowledge, hobbies, driver’s license.


If you have previously worked for different employers, you can choose to mention references in your CV. Inform the employers you mention in your CV in advance.

Mother resume

It is useful to save a basic CV or mother’s CV on the computer. If you want to respond to a vacancy by sending an application letter and a CV, always check whether your mother’s CV matches the vacancy. Add any relevant courses or diplomas obtained. You can add specific skills per vacancy that are important for the position you are applying for. For example, you should consider: strong communication skills, reliable, no 9 to 5 mentality, team player, etc. From the basis of your mother’s CV you can easily create any desired chronological CV.

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