Buying products from bankrupt companies or the government

When a company goes bankrupt, many unsold products are often left behind. These products are often sold for very low prices on auction websites. The government also confiscates products (for example cars) and sells them in lots for a relatively low price. You can read how you can buy these cheap products on the internet in this article.

Buying products from bankrupt companies

If a company goes bankrupt and the latest products cannot be sold to private individuals, they are placed on the internet. On certain websites you can buy these products safely. Often these products are sold for a lower price than the actual retail price in the store. The products of bankrupt companies are often new, these are products from the shelf that have not been sold. However, some of it has also been used, often involving office supplies that were the property of the company, such as computers and electronics.

Buying government products – Movable property

The government sometimes confiscates certain goods. For example, if someone drives too fast, his or her car can be confiscated. These products are also sold on the Internet through auctions. Old used products are also sold by the government, such as old army vehicles.


Both government goods and products from bankrupt companies are divided into lots. A lot can, for example, be a boat, but also a lot of clothing or a computer with accessories. The auction websites show which lots are for sale. You always bid on a specific lot on these websites.

Viewing and collecting products

All goods can be viewed on certain days, these days are called viewing days. The dates of these viewing days differ per website, so it is advisable to check this on the relevant website. Goods can also only be collected at one specific location and on one specific day between predetermined times. Before you bid on anything, it is first wise to check whether you can pick up your product that day, as your bid cannot be reversed.

Costs and bids

When you have found a lot (or products/goods) that you are interested in, you can place a bid on it. Before you place a bid on the lot, it is useful to know that the tax (±20%) is often not included in the amount. Auction costs must also be paid on most websites. Both factors depend on the website. Before you buy something, always carefully read all the rules of the relevant website.

The lot auction websites

For bankrupt companies

These are some websites where products from bankrupt companies are auctioned:

  • BVA auctions
  • Proveiling

For government goods

To bid on government goods, go to