Earn extra money quickly

You can earn extra money in different ways. If you need extra money quickly, you can sell unnecessary items on the marketplace, eBay or a flea market, save on costs, do odd jobs for other people or ask for a pay increase. You can also borrow money in the form of a personal loan, overdraft or a mini loan. Sometimes you suddenly need extra money for a new car, washing machine or a holiday. Or you have debts that you have to pay interest on every month and that you finally want to get rid of. Or you just like to have some extra spending space and are willing to do something extra for it. Whatever the reason, earning extra money is possible and can be done in different ways.

Selling stuff for extra money

If you need extra money quickly , it may be worth searching your home for items you no longer use. Especially in the attic and in the corners of cupboards, you can often find things that you never actually do anything with anymore, and that may still be worth quite a bit. You can try to sell these via Marktplaats or eBay. If you have a lot of (small) items, it might be more efficient to spend one or two days at a flea market or participate in a car boot sale.

Save on costs

Instead of ensuring that extra money comes in, you can ensure that less money goes out. You can save quite a bit if you seriously look at your expenses in areas such as groceries, energy or car. By saving in several areas at the same time, you may be able to reduce your expenses by hundreds of dollars per month.

Earn extra money by doing odd jobs

earn money in different ways by doing all kinds of odd jobs. By painting your house yourself and patching your bicycle tire yourself, you can save the costs of a painter or bicycle repair shop, for example. But you can also do chores for others. If you tell family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances that you temporarily need extra money and are willing to roll up your sleeves, you can probably earn more money than you might initially think. Because not only your immediate family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances may have work for you, but they may also come across odd jobs in their network where you can offer your services. It is important to consider which services you can offer. What are you good at? And what do you like to do? Think not only of chores such as painting, repairing tires or gardening, but also of web design, photography, organizing a party or providing background music.

Ask for a raise

This may sound a bit too easy, but asking for a raise can save you a lot of money. And this is not that easy, because most Dutch people rarely or never do this. The problem is that if you don’t ask for it, you usually don’t get it; even if your performance is poor. Just make sure you do it at the right time (when your boss is in a good mood; when you have successfully completed a project) and in the right way (make sure you have a reason why you are entitled to a pay increase ). Even if a pay increase is not possible, your boss may be able to help you. If you indicate that you temporarily need extra money, there may be options to work extra for a certain period, or perhaps you can get paid vacation days.

Borrow money

It is not always the most sensible solution, but it is often a very simple and quick solution: borrowing money. There are various options for this. For example, you can take out a personal loan, borrow money from family or friends, borrow money via a mini loan or have an overdraft on your current account. Whatever you do, make sure you make a well-considered choice, because you will have to pay back the money you borrow.

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