Guaranteed investing, safe investing?

Guaranteed investing Want to invest safely? Investing money, buying shares and selling them at a profit, becoming rich through investing… It is the dream of many. Investing also has a somewhat risky aftertaste. Is it safe to invest your money? There are risks… that’s why there is now guaranteed investing. How does it work? With guaranteed investing you can choose from different funds. The differences often lie in the term, the ultimate guarantee, the maximum and minimum return that can be achieved in the long term and the area in which the investment is made. Guarantee investing . The word guarantee naturally inspires a lot of confidence, and guaranteed investing indeed offers more security than regular investing and the return that can be achieved can be good, but also disappointing. Guarantee investors will receive all or part of their money back at the end of the term. The investment products in which they invest have been put together with care and require little insight into investing. People’s need to make a profit through investing is great. People want to invest safely. Money you save in a bank only yields some interest, but it provides more security. Saving in an investment fund can quickly yield profits and a significant return. But of course the profit can also be disappointing.

Guaranteed investing, how does that work?

If you enter into an agreement to participate in guaranteed investing, please pay close attention to the expiry date of the agreement. There is usually a minimum participation period. The guarantee for guaranteed investing applies up to a certain amount, so you should also be well informed about this first. Compare different providers with each other and read the experiences of others. With guaranteed investing you can choose long-term or shorter-term investing. In any case, be well informed about the conditions and which guarantee can be offered with 100% certainty, and have this recorded on paper.

Invest safely. Investing with or without a guarantee?

If the stock markets show uncertain prices and the economy is not doing so well, investors become nervous. If you fail to make a profit, that is a shame, but suffering a loss or even losing your money completely is not a pleasant prospect and is even a nightmare if significant investments have been made. Guaranteed investment funds can partly remove this uncertainty, because they offer a certain guarantee that the investment or part of that investment will always be paid out.

Target Click Funds

offer a guaranteed value at maturity. For example, if you have to finance a child’s education in ten years’ time or if you need an amount for a big trip or a new car in 5 years’ time. During the term of a Target Vlick Fund, the value is locked/locked whenever the value reaches a new high. In this way, the guaranteed value is built up and the price gain is added to the current guaranteed value.

Want to invest money without risk?

People who want to grow their money quickly and make big profits through investing usually have to be willing to take risks. If you have the financial resources to take risks, this can also be a very challenging way to make money. People who want more security look for more guarantees. you get the guarantee that the deposit or part of the deposit is guaranteed not to be lost and will be returned later, and in addition it is of course possible to get back much more than the deposit. Sometimes we work with bonds, sometimes with investments in shares. The risk of price falls is covered with option constructions.

Disadvantages of Guarantee Investing

In order to keep the risks as limited as possible and the chances of profit as high as possible, there are of course also some disadvantages to this form of investing.

  • The investor is limited to a minimum investment amount.
  • The agreement lasts for the number of years agreed upon. If you withdraw your money, the principal sum guarantee expires.
  • The end date is fixed and (probably) not flexible
  • You invest in a ready-made product. You cannot manage or change the investment portfolio yourself.
  • Returns can be disappointing, especially because you have less risk and more guarantees
  • You will get your investment back, but after deduction of inflation and wealth tax, the final amount may still be disappointing

Despite this, guaranteed investing is still attractive for many people who do not dare to take the risks of investing in other ways.

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