Cheap fuel online and apps

Make sure you can always refuel relatively cheaply. Immediate discount, even when you are on holiday. Therefore, simply compare fuel prices in your area and refuel cheaply or use an apps. The Internet helps you to quickly compare prices and find the lowest fuel price. With the right site you will quickly receive information about the best purchase. It is a matter of knowing what is possible and then making your move. No more.

Cheap refueling, discounts on various fuels

With current energy prices, a full tank quickly becomes very expensive. Fortunately, the internet also helps us in this regard. There are several sites that help you a step further to know where fuel is cheaper. I will mention and discuss the following five sites:


To refuel, look at Athlon carlease

The name says it all: this is a car leasing company. This company determines the best place to refuel based on the fuel receipts of its customers. You can choose the Dutch version by clicking on Netherlands. You will then see the Fuel Prices button under Information and Services. Click on this and you will be taken to the sharing site for cheaper fuel. Enter the zip code of the area you are in, the number of kilometers you would like to detour to get cheaper fuel and the fuel you use. If you do this, Athlon will give you a list of the cheapest gas stations. This site also has the E-driver. Log in there and you will find:

  • All kinds of videos about how to prevent an accident.
  • How to save fuel and thus contribute to the necessary C02 reduction.
  • A quiz to test your knowledge about road safety and traffic rules.
  • Of course also the information about cheap gas stations in the area.

The E-driver is regularly updated. According to the site, you can save up to 15% on fuel.

Source: Stux, Pixabay

You can also indicate the zip code and the desired fuel on this site. A price comparison of nearby gas stations will then appear. Now it’s just a matter of choosing. As an extra, there is the option to receive a price comparison of the desired stations in advance via your mobile phone (i-mode or SMS). The list is updated daily.

A price comparison is also available here. Now by filling in the region or city. All types of fuel are possible.

What are the cheapest stations. This site provides a price comparison based on the location or the route you have to drive. By marking the route on the digital map yourself, you will receive the cheapest stations from the site along the marked route. The best choice can be made at a glance.

Which apps for cheap refueling and speed checks?

Of course there are also apps for on the go. Also take a look at apps like TankService from Directlease (suitable for iPhone and Android). For parking, choose apps such as Parkmobile or if you want to know how efficiently you drive and brake, install the Fueless app (suitable for iPhone). If you want to know where the speed cameras and mobile speed cameras are located, there is Flitsmeister (suitable for iPhone and Android).

Finally, get cheap fuel on the internet

Why would you still pay too much for your gasoline? Cheap fuel is almost always possible by comparing carefully. Refueling on the highway is almost always a lot more expensive than off-road.

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