Real estate CV, what is that?

A real estate CV can give you a high return if the real estate market develops well. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, AFM, was previously very critical of the real estate market, the real estate CV, and the many partnerships. What matters is that you always carefully check the assumptions made by a real estate company and compare them with your own expectations for the real estate. If you do it right, you can make a lot of profit with a real estate CV. Get involved at the right time with your real estate CV.

Vastgoed CV and the AFM

In short, the AFM mentioned the following points for real estate CVs. Points that could be improved:

  • Clear improvements are possible in the area of information provision and there appears to be an increased integrity risk in this market.
  • Regulations and supervision are too limited and the expectations of supervision are often incorrect.

Conclusions follow-up real estate CV study

The main conclusions are:

  1. The information provided to investors is generally insufficient to make a well-considered investment decision. Although no major violations of legislation and regulations were observed, several undesirable situations were identified.
  2. This investigation does not reveal any factual findings that indicate major integrity risks in this sector. It is important to note that the AFM’s supervisory instruments are not sufficient to conduct an in-depth investigation into, for example, ABC constructions or certain other situations in which the interests of investors may be damaged.

Transparency Real Estate

The AFM believes that important improvements are still possible, especially with regard to the transparency of things. In addition, there are virtually no truly independent analysts who structurally comment on this market.

Self-regulation Real Estate

So far, an explicit choice has been made for self-regulation. All the more so, because this places the responsibility for a well-functioning market where it belongs. An additional argument is that the legal instruments in the hands of the AFM are still relatively limited. The AFM notes that the market is starting to move in order to further fulfill its responsibility. For example, the market itself has started two supervisory funds, namely the Transparency of Real Estate Funds Foundation, STV, and the Association of Real Estate Funds, the VVF. Furthermore, an interest group has also been established for the demand side of the consumer market, called the Association of Real Estate Participants, VVP.

Key lock

These are good initiatives that will certainly benefit both the demand and supply sides. But, as it turns out, there is still work to be done. Do not blindly rely on a brochure, but also make some sensitivity analyzes yourself, calculate your own return on a real estate CV.

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