Building a marketing plan

Making a marketing plan from time to time is very useful. This way you will find out where the weak points of your product or company are, and where the strong points are. Possible strategies can also arise that will make your company or product even better positioned on the market. This article explains how to create a marketing plan.

The marketing plan

Whatever you think of it, you can write a marketing plan for it, products, companies and even areas can use a marketing plan. In a marketing plan you look for a new strategy to market your company, area or product. This may be because you want to improve this, but it may also be because things are not going well with your product, company or area at the moment.

Preliminary investigation

You can start your marketing plan with preliminary research. This may include topics that you find important, such as history. How to reach a company or area, what facilities the company has and what can be found nearby, etc. You can decide for yourself what you find useful for your preliminary research. A preliminary investigation is not mandatory, but it is very useful as you will then have read up on the market or the area.

Internal analysis

In the internal analysis you analyze the company, area or product itself. For example, you mention the organizational form, the finances and the product or company. This gives you a clear picture of the company, area or product, after all you have to know the company, area or product inside and out before you can write a marketing plan about it.

External analysis

In the external analysis you analyze the environment. This can be in the same industry, at the meso level, but also the entire environment and all industries that are present, the macro level. You can use DESTEP or Porter’s five forces for the external analysis. These models give you a good idea of how you can perform the external analysis.

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis translates the previous analyzes into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This way you can see where the bad and good points of the company, product or area are. The SWOT analysis can become a list of several pages, this is not a problem as you will prioritize the points that emerge from this.


There are often many results from the SWOT analysis, but not all results are equally useful. With prioritization you prioritize the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your company, area or product and see which ones are strong enough to handle.

Confrontation matrix

In the confrontation matrix you take together strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, you combine them. This creates different fields, namely an improvement field, a growth field, an opportunity field and a problem field.


To test the different strategies that emerged from the confrontation matrix, use the FOETSJE model. The FOETSJE model determines the strongest and weakest strategy on the basis of figures that give you a strategy. The strongest strategy is the one that is executed. You will then develop this strategy. You can do this with the marketing mix, also called the four Ps: Product, price, place and promotion. You work out the strategy for each cup to have a clear plan.

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