The richest self-made millionaires

Self-made millionaires have managed to build their wealth themselves. Unlike many other millionaires, these millionaires were not born rich, but have managed to build up their wealth themselves. The Quote provides insight into the wealth of the richest people in the Netherlands. Every year they publish overviews of the 500 richest people in our country. Many Dutch millionaires have not built up their wealth themselves, but have acquired it from parents. Quote also makes overviews of the richest self-made millionaires. The overviews that people are really curious about include the young self-made millionaires who have managed to amass their wealth in a short period of time.

Self-made Millionaires

Below you will find an overview of the richest self-made millionaires in our country under the age of forty. As you would expect, our top footballers are in high positions, but they are missing from the list of the five richest. There are three footballers in the top ten, namely:

  • Marc Overmars with 36 million euros
  • Clarence Seedorf with 40 million euros
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy with 48 million euros

The five richest self-made millionaires under forty

Number 5: Andruw Jones Estimated net worth: 52 million The richest Dutch athlete is not a football player, but a baseball player. In our country we are outraged by the level of income of football players, but in the United States they even manage to exceed this. The richest footballer is Ruud van Nistelrooy with 48 million euros, but the baseball player Andruw Jones (32 years old) earns no less than 52 million euros. Andrew Jones is a top baseball player for the Texas Rangers. Number 4: Coen van Oostrom Estimated capital: 57 million This project developer specializes in CO2-neutral construction. He is known in the Netherlands for his green initiatives. He also gained fame because he managed to bring Bill Clinton to the Netherlands in 2007. Number 3: Reinout Oerlemans Estimated net worth: 72 million This famous Dutchman became known in our country through the soap Good times, bad times. He played in his role as Arnie Alberts in the soap for six years. Afterwards he started focusing on presenting programmes. He presented programs such as: Idols, Pulse and Heartbreak Hotel. The ambitious Oerlemans founded his own production company in 2001 under the name Eyeworks. He has since managed to put many well-known programs to his name, including: So you wanna be a popstar and the Bauers. Number 2: Maasbert Schouten Estimated wealth: 210 million He built up his wealth in the financial sector. He is the founder and major shareholder of AFAB. The company is mainly active in selling loans in the Netherlands. Number 1: David Slager Estimated net worth 300 million The richest self-made millionaire under the age of forty is David Slager. He made his fortune as a hedge fund manager at Atticus Capital. He is known as a very smart investor and has made Atticus Capital a major player in hedge funds.