What is a declaration of inheritance?

To release funds in a bank account or savings account, the bank often asks for a declaration of inheritance. This shows who the heirs of the deceased are. A declaration of inheritance is mainly necessary for surviving relatives to have access to the bank assets of the deceased. The banks can block the withdrawal options after the death of the account holder. They will only release this after submitting a declaration of inheritance. The banks appear to have become less rigid in this regard in recent years. In some cases it is difficult to obtain such a statement. Also to save costs, surviving relatives can first try to demonstrate in some other way that the surviving relatives are the entitled parties.

How do you obtain a declaration of inheritance?

Such a declaration can only be issued by a notary. Before the notary can make this statement, he must first find out. The declaration must also be drawn up by a notary to ensure that the named beneficiaries are actually the beneficiaries of the estate. The notary does this, among other things, by conducting research within the Central Register of Wills and at the civil registry. This is also a problem when issuing a declaration of inheritance. It can take a long time to trace all heirs. It may take months before the notary issues the statement.

How much does a declaration of inheritance cost?

The amount of the costs for drawing up a declaration of inheritance depends on the notary’s rate. In addition, it is also highly dependent on the effort the notary has to make to trace the surviving relatives. The minimum cost is around 250 and can go up to 2,200. The differences in rates can make a big difference in the total costs.

What to do after the death of the account holder?

The death must be reported to various authorities, including the bank. Survivors often think that the municipality will take care of this, but they only inform benefit agencies and the tax authorities. The bank will then block the account. The name will be registered to: the heirs of. The bank will not block the account if it concerns a joint account. The remaining account holder can continue to have access to the money. This also applies to people authorized by the account holder.

Unblock your bank account without a declaration of inheritance

The bank will only unblock the bank account after receiving the declaration of inheritance. If the deceased leaves behind a spouse or a partner from a registered partnership, a declaration of inheritance does not need to be requested. In that case, the inheritance goes to this partner by operation of law. This is different if there is a will. This may include that the heir is someone other than the partner. This can be demonstrated by submitting an extract from the Central Will Register, which shows that no will exists, and a death certificate.