Stuck in a good job

With a full-time job you are busy four to five days a week. It is therefore very important that you enjoy going to work. Employees who have built up a good salary with the employer often do not have the option to switch to another employer. A good job in terms of earnings does not mean that you are satisfied with the work you have to do several days a week. People who are no longer satisfied with their work have the opportunity to look around for another job. In practice, it often turns out that these people bring a salary requirement to the job interviews that is unreasonably high according to the other employer. This is often the problem with employees who, after more than ten years with one boss, suddenly have to look for another job with another employer. Comparable employers cannot offer the wages they were used to. At that time, the unemployment benefit is based on the higher income with the previous employer.

Stuck in a good job

A job that you have been doing for several years can eventually become monotonous. Year in and year out you have done the same work and you have seen it. The employer itself often has few options for transferring to another type of position, and you are also stuck in your job because you have built up experience and a high salary over the years.

Apply for another employer

When looking for another position outside the current employer, you can choose between a comparable position or a completely different direction. A comparable function may have the disadvantage that you will encounter the same objections. The function will not be comparable in many respects, but the new function will also have its share of disadvantages. A career change is also an option, but then you have to start again at the bottom. A career change has the disadvantage that your salary will generally be much lower. This is also logical, because you do not bring any knowledge and experience with you from previous positions.

First retrain, then change jobs

Employees who no longer like their work should think carefully about what they no longer like. In that case, it will partly depend on how the work is organized at the employer in question, but you may also be ready for something completely different. In that case, you will have to prepare for your future by retraining for a different type of position. Employees who do not retrain have difficulty finding a job in the desired industry. In general, the employer can find employees who have better experience and training. If they want to hire someone who has to learn the trade, they prefer to go for a recent graduate. These people are often cheaper and can easily be further trained.

A simple carefree job

Employees who have busy, high-stress jobs may long for a job where they can clear their minds. Just work every day until five o’clock so that you can sit at home without a care in the evening, and be back at work at nine o’clock the next day. No work supplies, just a simple trick to perform every day. This often seems ideal, but it will quickly get boring for people who have more to offer.