Borrowing without BKR: borrow money in Belgium as a Dutch citizen

Dutch people who want to borrow money in Belgium can do so for several reasons. One of these is not to be listed with the BKR. After all, in Belgium you can take out a loan without a BKR assessment. In addition, you may be able to obtain more favorable conditions for your loan from some lenders than in the Netherlands. It is important to first sift through as many loan offers as possible before you decide to borrow money as a Dutch citizen in Belgium. Where to borrow money in Belgium without a BKR assessment?

Why borrow money in Belgium as a Dutch citizen?

Difficult to borrow in the Netherlands

experience problems getting a loan for various reasons . The main reason is that they are registered with the BKR . They are not granted a loan because of their BKR registration. Anyone who borrows money in the Netherlands is registered with the BKR, which keeps track of the loans and payment obligations of the borrowers.

No BKR assessment in Belgium

If you do not want to be listed with the BKR, you can go to Belgium. The banks and lenders can grant loans there without your loan being registered with the BKR. You can therefore borrow from a Belgian bank or lender without a BKR assessment. If you think that the government in the Netherlands is interfering too much with your privacy through the BKR registration, you can take out a loan in Belgium.

Better lending conditions

Another reason for a Dutch person to borrow money in Belgium may be that you can find more interesting lending conditions there. If you do not find the options in the Netherlands affordable enough, you can look for alternatives in Belgium. For example, you may be able to obtain a lower interest rate if you cross the border at a bank. Your refund may also be better spread with a Belgian bank. It is important to inform yourself well about this.

Questions about a loan in Belgium

Classic questions

Firstly, Belgian lenders will ask the classic questions when taking out a loan, such as how much your monthly income is and what your general financial situation is. Your family situation and family situation will also be discussed.

Why exactly borrow in Belgium?

It may happen that the Belgian lender will ask why exactly you want to borrow in Belgium and not in the Netherlands. A reason could be, for example, that you do not want BKR registration, or that you find the loan conditions in Belgium more favorable than in the Netherlands.

Where to borrow money in Belgium?

In Belgium there is an extensive range of banks, lenders and loan providers on the internet. Please note that some lenders will require that you, as a borrower, have your official place of residence in Belgium in order to grant a loan . Some examples of Belgian lenders where you as a Dutch citizen can take out a loan:

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