Where to buy royalty-free photos on the internet?

Buy photos. Beautiful photos that you can use for your website or company, pictures to place in articles, general magazines, newspapers, leaflets or brochures… where can you find them? Due to copyright and portrait rights, you are not allowed to simply take photos from the internet and use them. That is why there are now photos that you can use royalty-free for a small fee. Also online and for print. Where can you buy photos? Where do you buy photos for a website or for printing? Cheap, affordable royalty-free photos that you can use are ideal. Stock photos are perfect for that. The quality of stock photos is very good and you can buy the right to use one or more photos for little money. Professional photographers are expensive, but many photographers now sell the rights to their work via stock sites. After all, you may never simply use photos from magazines or the internet for your own printing or for your own website. You must have permission from the photographer. That is why a stock site is the solution for every company or person looking for beautiful photos. Try it at: BigStockPhoto .

Buy photos

The stock photos that are offered are royalty-free and can often be purchased for as little as one euro. Royalty-free does not mean that the photos cost nothing or that you can use them for anything or that you buy the copyrights, but you can do a lot with them. You pay a certain amount once and you can then use the photo indefinitely for certain purposes. The copyright of the photo remains with the photographer (unless otherwise agreed). The amount is very low in relation to what you pay for a commissioned photographer. The photos from stock sites are taken by photographers, both professional and semi-professional. The quality of the photos is very good. The photos may be used for many purposes (depending on the license you purchase), such as:

  • Ads.
  • Promotional material.
  • Magazines.
  • Brochures.
  • Leaflets.
  • Catalog.
  • Websites and web pages.
  • Online publications.
  • Packaging.
  • Newsletters.
  • Books.
  • Book covers.
  • Furthermore, for everything that is agreed.

Commercial use

You may not use the photos for resale. For example, it is not permitted to use photos as a trademark in a logo or to have them printed on T-shirts and the like and then resell these products. In that case you are violating copyright law. In most cases, the stock photo does not become your property. You may use the photo for a small fee, but the photographer remains the owner and copyright holder of the photo.

Cheap photos or free photos?

Stock photos or royalty-free photos are not free, but they are cheap. This means that you can download many photos for a low price, which you can then use ‘unlimitedly’ (depending on the conditions per purchase). Times for photographers have therefore changed. Before a customer turns to a photographer, many nowadays first take a look at stock sites to see if there are any photos they like. This can save hundreds to thousands of euros in costs for a professional photographer.

Copyright photos

Photographers always retain copyright over their photos, which is why you can use the photos but not sell them. If you see a photo on a stock site that you would like to purchase, there is (in some cases) the option to agree. You must contact the website where the photo is sold. Sometimes photos are offered exclusively, meaning that the photo can be sold permanently and once to only one person or company. Photos are generally offered with a model release or a model release. This applies if people are depicted in a photo. The models or people in the photo have then given permission to the photographer to put the photo on the site and to release the photo for publication to third parties. If you buy a photo from a site without portrait rights, the model or other persons depicted may protest if the photo is published somewhere. This may have legal consequences. To prevent this, stock sites always request a model release from the photographer. Under some circumstances, no release of persons depicted is necessary.

  • If the photo has news value (freedom of expression).
  • If the photo shows a crowd of people.
  • If the people in the photo are not demonstrably recognizable.

Newsworthy photos don’t really belong on stock sites. If the privacy of people depicted is at stake, people can protest against publication. Sometimes there are people in a photo whose faces have been made unrecognizable. Such photos may also be offered as stock photos (without model release) because the privacy of the people in the photo cannot be compromised. The photos are offered for sale in different formats. From very small, suitable for websites, to very large, suitable for magazines or posters. You can often find very nice photos in the databases for little money.

How much do royalty-free photos from stock sites cost?

Buying photos is generally done through credits. For example, ten credits could cost ten dollars (this is just an example), and with that ten dollars you can buy 10 royalty-free photos at 1 credit each. Some photos cost more credits, some cost less. The prices do not differ very much from each other per site. The price of the photo is partly determined by the size and the purpose for which you want to use the photos. Small sizes for a website are of course cheaper than large prints that are used for posters, for example. Part of the amount of the photos sold goes to the photographer, part to the stock site. You may only use photos that are royalty-free after you have purchased the right to use them. You may then use them as often as you want, unless otherwise agreed. Rules apply to commercial use that may differ per photo.

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