The 5 best tax havens

Almost all of the rich among us use tax havens. These are countries with a favorable tax system. This saves them a lot of their precious money. In this article you will find the top 5 best tax havens.

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Tax havens are seen as partly responsible for the crisis of confidence that led to the economic crisis of recent years. The top 5 tax havens are shown above in the table. Avoiding paying taxes is called tax fraud. Tax fraud involves concealing income, concealing foreign assets or incorrectly stating deductions.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland has been the number one tax haven for years. Income from the Netherlands is not taken into account and your pension is also tax-free. But rates may differ per canton (province). Switzerland has very reliable banks and with minimal requirements it is the most popular tax haven.

2. Monaco

Monaco is a dwarf state of approximately 2 square kilometers in area. The country is number two when it comes to tax evasion. In recent years there has been regularization in this sector, but foreigners still do not have to pay income tax. Monaco is not a member of the European Union, but they do use the euro as their currency in Monaco.

3. Dubai

Dubai has a very fast growing economy with an economic growth of 17% per year. The country has no corporate tax, income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, inheritance tax or VAT. So even shopping is tax-free. This makes Dubai a very attractive tax haven. The country itself can in fact be called a paradise.

4. Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea about 70 km south of Turkey. The island is the fourth best tax haven. Cyprus is very attractive as a tax haven because they offer many options when it comes to reducing taxes. Cyprus is often used in combination with another tax haven that charges no taxes at all. There is a downside to using Cyprus to avoid taxes. Namely that the company’s management is actually based in Cyprus.

5. Belgium

As a neighboring country of the Netherlands, Belgium remains one of the most popular tax havens. There is no wealth tax and no capital gains tax.