Realizing a supplement to your income

You only receive a limited amount of income from work or benefits and you have to be able to survive on that. Yet everyone wants to have a better provision or income in the long term, so that they can live well. There are options to supplement your income to cover all costs. How can you achieve a bonus or addition to your income and what are the other tips?

Realize additional income

  • Extra job and supplement income
  • Drawing interest
  • Bank savings for extra
  • Proceeds from home sales in an annuity policy
  • What is building passive income?
  • Investing for returns
  • Rental of real estate

Extra job and supplement income

If you feel that you do not have enough income to make ends meet, you can consider finding a second part-time job. This allows you to generate extra income. The problem with this is that you always have to make a lasting effort to stay at the same income level. It is important that you have more income than you spend. Saving is often necessary. A supplement to your income, on the other hand, strictly speaking consists of a monthly payment for which you do not have to do any extra work at that time. Of course, the question is how you can arrange this.

Drawing interest

If you have already saved up some capital or if you sell your company, you will have a nice bag of money left over. Investing in shares is not an option because the risks in a bad economy are simply too great. A reliable way to obtain returns is to earn interest. Especially when the economy is doing well, interest payments increase, so you can obtain a nice interest rate. It is the safest way to handle your money so that you can make a profit from it. Please note that when the economy is not doing well, interest payments are low and inflation can exceed the compensation. The value of capital can therefore decrease in relative terms.

Bank savings for extra

One way to save well is to set aside part of your gross income. You can use your bank savings for this purpose. Every month you contribute part of your gross income to this end, meaning you immediately save on taxes. The interest earned within bank savings is also exempt from levies. This way you can quickly and easily save a nice amount. At a later date you can have the accrued amount paid out as a supplement.

Proceeds from home sales in an annuity policy

Another alternative is to deposit the surplus value of the home into an immediate annuity policy upon sale. You may have already paid off a large part of your mortgage debt. The value that remains is strictly speaking your private assets. You can deposit that part into the annuity policy when you sell. Another way is to take out the actual surplus value as a mortgage and pay it into the policy. Please note whether you are still eligible for mortgage interest deduction. The annuity policy can then pay out part of the value per month, so that you have much more flexibility.

What is building passive income?

One method to create ongoing income is to work on passive income. To achieve this, one often first has to make an effort or invest a fortune in order to generate an income per month. The easiest way is therefore to generate income with assets. More effort will have to be taken if a passive income has to be built up without financial options. This can be done through advertising revenue for texts, images or works of art, etc.

Investing for returns

If you have a small amount of capital, you can consider investing it in a good project. Crowdfunding offers one option for this. Entrepreneurs seek money from the public for investments for which a monthly fee is paid. If you spread the investment over many projects, your risks are small and you can make a good profit on the investment. You can hoard those returns or use them as extra wages. Please note that this method of achieving returns gives much better results compared to shares during bad economic times.

Rental of real estate

If you have a building or home, you can consider renting out part or all of it. You will then incur virtually no costs while the property remains your property. This means you can possibly do other things with the extra money that you enjoy much more. Also be creative with what you have so that you have an additional bonus in addition to your regular income, benefit or pension. This way you can also enjoy more money in your pocket. Please note that if you want to sell the house, it can cause problems when renting a room.

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