Rich people and their secret to success

Rich people are so rich because they often know how to keep the secret of their success so well. They usually have a knowledge advantage over their fellow human beings and they know how to capitalize on it perfectly.

The secret to success is usually well kept

The first thing every inventor learns is that his invention only means something in business, as long as that invention is unique and not imitated. Technological inventions can be protected with patents and patents, but no reasonable person would dream of disclosing the details of such a novelty. Many other ideas or inventions cannot be protected. Anyone who knows the idea can imitate or copy it and jump on the moving train to success. Rich people are usually sensible people and will therefore refrain from revealing their secret to success. The only thing we know for sure is that rich people go to great lengths to protect their secrets to success. In their memoirs, years later, when no one can benefit from their secret, they can be read.

Tips: how to become rich

But what about the many thousands of success secrets that are offered everywhere for a small fee? The Internet in particular is teeming with providers of absolutely sure tips that have only one thing in common: they want to sell you the secret to wealth and success for literally ridiculous amounts of money. It is often enough to take a good look at who is offering what, because rich people do not flaunt the secrets that help them acquire even more wealth. Besides, it is simply pointless to buy a secret to success, just as pointless as it is to buy the secret to love, happiness or health.

What do all rich people have in common?

Although no one will be able to discover a real secret there, it makes sense to compare the biographies of rich and successful people. There are some similarities that characterize all rich people, from Albrecht to Zuckerberg. These people never started out with the intention of becoming rich. Their goal was never wealth. No, they had a certain vision or idea and developed it consistently and steadfastly. If there was a driving force, it was the desire to prove that the idea in their heads could become reality.

  • For example, in post-war Germany there were many thousands of small grocers, but only one owner (Albrecht) had the vision to set up a chain of cheap supermarkets (Aldi);
  • And when Zuckerberg founded Facebook, there were countless similar platforms, but it was only the idea of a global network that made him a billionaire, realizing the immense potential of social networks;
  • Carlos Slim Helú, had certain ideas about modern Mexico and did everything he could to realize those ideas.

Rich or poor, failure or success

Ideas can make you rich or poor, failure and success are close together. Without an idea there can be no success, but the idea alone does not make rich people. The second thing all these people have in common is excellent basic knowledge within their field to know what is needed to realize their idea:

  • without the basic knowledge that the Albrecht brothers had about retail, for example, their idea about cheap supermarket chains would never have been possible;
  • and Carlos Slim Helú, the idea of a global social network would never have been useful;
  • any more than Zuckerberg could have profitably turned a cleanup of the entire Mexico City metropolitan area into profit.

Without vision, no one can become rich, nor without good basic knowledge. And above all, one must have unwavering faith in oneself. That’s the real secret to success that rich people have.

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