The Dutch love discounts

Dutch people are always looking for a discount. Discount promotions, discount vouchers and savings points therefore also work well as a marketing campaign. As soon as we hear that we will receive a percentage discount, we are interested. You will find discounts and savings promotions everywhere. At Albert Heijn alone you can get or buy airline miles and sales stamps with your groceries. You will also receive an extra discount if you have a bonus card. Finally, they also have temporary promotions to attract or retain even more customers. Seasonally they give away football tickets, Smurfs or other small gadgets. Other supermarkets also shower their customers with special promotions. They do this because they know that we consumers are sensitive to it. Customers queue up, especially when free things are given away.

Savings points

By giving savings points to customers, they come back to fill up their savings card. In these modern times there are smarter ways to save points, but we Dutch love promotional stamps and the old-fashioned way of sticking coupons on savings cards. One of the most popular savings points are the Douwe Egberts savings points. It turns out that no fewer than 70 percent of households with Douwe Egberts coffee cut out the receipts. They save them themselves or they know someone who saves the points. Based on the idea that it is a shame to throw away the receipts, they are cut out.

Discount coupons

Especially for days out to amusement parks, it is worth looking for discount vouchers. In the past it was difficult to search, but on the internet all possible discount coupons are offered for low prices. Amusement parks often hold regional promotions to attract more customers from the region in question. On you will find discount coupons if they are in circulation. The sellers receive a few euros for it and you can go to an amusement park with sometimes a 75 percent discount.

Negotiate discounts in the store

Consumers are often too kind when making large purchases. When buying electronics, for example, there are often opportunities to haggle. When purchasing a television costing hundreds of euros, it may be worthwhile to try to get a few percent discount. It is best to first do comparative research with other retailers. This way you can substantiate why you think you are entitled to a discount. If a purchase from another store is 50 cheaper, you can try to get under the competitor’s price at another retailer. This can quickly give you a discount of up to 10 percent. There is no point in haggling over purchases of a few tens of euros. The earnings on these products are often low for the retailer.

What can I get a discount on?

The discount options are wider than most people think. You can get a discount at the cinema and theater, but also on purchases via All you have to do is search the internet for discounts.

How much do I have to pay for discount coupons?

Many discount coupons are available for free on the internet. There are even websites where you can download and print coupons. See also: Taking out insurance with a package discount