Application questions come from your own letter

You can prepare well for a job interview using your own application letter. Most questions will be devised based on your letter. After you have received an invitation for a job interview, you can start preparing everything necessary. Initially, you should find out as much as possible about the company. You can easily search for information on the internet. This way you can avoid not being able to answer the simplest questions about the company. You can also search the internet for questions that are asked in most cases. A question like: What are your strengths and weaknesses will always come up. It is also important to have a good elevator pitch in mind. You should be able to give a promotional talk about yourself in a few sentences. Perhaps the most important thing is to think of questions based on your own letter.

Application letter shows your motivation

Your application letter raises many questions for the employer, to which they expect answers in a job interview. In a conversation you will often hear a sentence with the opening text: You write that in your letter. In addition to the standard questions that are asked in all conversations, you must come up with questions yourself based on your letter.

What do you wonder when you read the letter?

The content of the letter is intended to show the best side of yourself. The employer also knows this, but they want to be sure that your letter is in line with practice. You may write that you are commercially driven, but what does that show? This means you also have to think carefully when drafting the letter. You should try to read the letter as if it were about someone else. You must underline the sentences you can ask questions about.

Formulate interview questions for yourself

You can formulate questions based on your text. It is not the intention that you literally formulate an answer to the questions for yourself, but by anticipating the question, you can also formulate better answers. Then have someone else read the letter again and ask what questions come to mind after reading the letter.

Go through the questions and formulate an answer

These are all questions about yourself, so it won’t be difficult to answer them. However, being able to think about it in advance can help you give better answers.

Motivation is of great importance to the employer

The facts about your career will probably not be asked many difficult questions. More questions will be asked about your motivation. Why are you the right person for this position? What do you have to offer that the employer is looking for? You should be able to give good answers to these types of questions. Many of these questions will use parts of your cover letter. Provide a well-substantiated motivation that you can convey without hesitation in a job interview.