Digital household booklet

Are you always short on cash at the end of the month? Wondering where all the money goes? With a digital household budget, you can keep an eye on costs and always have your finances under control.

Finances in order with a digital housekeeping book

It’s very easy to spend money these days. Many traders offer the option of purchasing on installments, banks offer low-interest loans, and mail order companies entice with cashless ordering. But living on credit also has its pitfalls: in the Netherlands, every year many households fall into the debt trap and are no longer able to pay! In the past, many families kept a household budget to keep an overview of their finances. And this according to an apparently very simple principle: income, such as salary, child benefit, pensions or interest charges, were compared with expenses. And at the end of the month there was a netting: what is actually left after deducting all costs?

Balance warning and payment reminder

Today you no longer have to reach for pen and paper. With the right software you can keep a housekeeping book on the computer. The advantage of most programs is that they offer a number of additional functions in addition to normal money management. For example, tables help to plan the budget more clearly and reveal hidden costs. So-called balance alerts sound the alarm when the numbers slowly turn red, payment reminders alert you to regularly payable bills. Many housekeeping books can be individually designed (personalized) and tailored exactly to your needs.

Save money immediately

Saving money starts with choosing the right software. Why buy expensive programs when you can get top quality for free? For example, on the Internet you will find dozens of programs, most of which are free or available in a demo version. The installation works with just a few mouse clicks. The maintenance of the electronic housekeeping books also does not require any major effort. It is only important that you consistently keep track of all income and expenses!

Which digital household books are there?

As mentioned, you can choose from countless digital household books:

  • among the independent providers, the commercial AFAS Personal (formerly Yunoo) claims to be the largest provider;
  • then of course there is the “C@shflow Manager” program of the National Institute for Budget Information (NIBUD);
  • Banks have also focused on the digital cash book, such as ING Bank recently with an application called TIM.

Why keep a digital housekeeping book?

The household budget offers you the opportunity to see exactly what you spend. And it has been proven that just by systematically keeping track of your income and expenses, people will automatically spend less. And that is often a dire necessity because almost 4 in 10 households in the Netherlands have difficulty making ends meet.

The paper cash book

By the way, there are many older people who still use the good old paper cash book. There is of course nothing wrong with that. Does keeping a cash book (on paper or digital) help? Anyone who can muster the discipline to consistently maintain their cash book will certainly not be worse off. It won’t make us rich either, because after all, you can only spend a dime once.