Creating an effective work environment

What does a good working environment look like? How can you adapt your working environment to work, learn or study better? There are various tips that you can apply to make your working environment as effective as possible. This way you do more work in less time and that means a better distribution of your workload.

Create peace

A good working environment is one in which there are few distractions. If you have the option to do this, turn off your phone. Furthermore, keep your desk tidy. Place papers that you need to keep in folders. A smart purchase for a home office is a filing cabinet. These are available at Ikea, among others. The cabinets have smart drawers with dividers that allow you to store and hide your important papers and office supplies such as staplers. This way you keep your desk as empty as possible, so that there is room to get your work done.

Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants can be stimulating and soothing for an office at the same time. Plants provide a healthy working environment by bringing extra oxygen to the room. On the you can get an explanation about the different flowers and palms that are suitable for every workspace.

Work and with color

If you want to use color to make your workplace more effective, then the color depends on what you want to achieve. Stimulating colors are red and yellow. Yellow also provides increased concentration and extra energy. Red is particularly an ‘action!’ color and can quickly overstimulate and make a small space seem even smaller. Orange is refreshing and energizing. This can also be a stimulating color. Soothing colors are, for example, green and a light, creamy yellow. With green you can also think of a wall with photo wallpaper. You quickly imagine yourself in the middle of a serene forest and, especially if you work in the city or a busy environment, this can significantly reduce your stress level and therefore increase your work effectiveness. However, always choose a basic color with which you paint or wallpaper one wall. You can leave the rest white or off-white. You can also choose white as the color for the entire room and use different colored accessories to create a stimulating or calming effect. For example, hang paintings or curtains in a certain color.

Pay attention to your sitting position

Correct sitting posture is when you sit on your chair and your back touches the back of the chair. Your knees just reach the front of the chair. Your feet touch the ground exactly. Keep your back straight.

Your sitting position in front of your screen

Your screen is at the right height if you can hold your head straight up when you are working. If you sit upright, this means that the top of your screen is slightly above your straight line of view.

Avoid mouse arm

Mouse occasionally with the left and occasionally with the right. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you mouse with the right, and on Thursday, Friday and possibly at the weekend with the left. This is how you alternate. Take further breaks where you do some stretching exercises. This can prevent you from suffering from mouse arm.

Ask for help

If you cannot figure out how to best organize your workplace, ask an expert for advice. You can also read literature about proper workplace design, such as the book Workplace Guide.