Damage guarantee, what is that?

The Schadegarant Foundation was introduced by a number of (car) insurers in the early 1990s. With the establishment of Schadegarant, the aim was to improve the service to consumers in the repair of car damage, on the one hand, and to save costs by working more efficiently, on the other.

Car damage is always inconvenient

Whether the damage is caused by a pile-up, by driving into a lamppost or by a miscreant who drove away while your car was parked: damage to your car is always inconvenient. Of course, there are worse things in life than car damage, but the aftermath of car damage can still be extremely annoying. Think of simple practical questions such as:

  • Can my car still drive or not?
  • where should my dented car go?
  • how do I get to work or even worse, how do I get home again?
  • How do I arrange replacement transport for the coming period?
  • How long do I have to miss my car?
  • who is liable for damage and when will I get paid?

What is Damage Guarantee?

Schadegarant is a partnership between a number of insurers and a group of affiliated repair companies. Schadegarant aims to make damage repair faster and more efficient and is therefore a welcome addition to third-party liability insurance. With the establishment of Schadegarant in 1993, car insurers offered policyholders an alternative method of damage repair that offered benefits for both parties. Anyone who had ever been confronted with car damage before then knew that it could take quite some time before repairs could begin. Usually, the damage to the car had to be assessed in advance by a damage expert. Furthermore, with Damage Guarantee, the insured person decides whether or not to have his car repaired via the Damage Guarantee procedure. The scheme only applies to insured parties with full or limited comprehensive cover, insofar as there was damage to the comprehensive cover as a result of a covered event.

How does Schadegarant work?

  • You report the occurrence of the damage to your insurance advisor and he will provide you with the address details of a Schadegarant company in your area;
  • After your order, the damage repairer will immediately repair the car without an expert from the insurer having to first determine the extent of the damage;
  • Schadegarant entitles you to free replacement transport during the repair;
  • After the repair has been carried out, the car will be returned to you without any further hassle and payment of the repair costs will be settled directly between the insurer and the repair company. The insured person therefore does not have to worry about the financial settlement.

Which damage repair companies are affiliated?

When Schadegarant was introduced in 1993, only 550 damage repair companies had been selected by the Schadegarant Foundation. But selecting new repair companies is a continuous process, which means that there have been regular changes in the affiliated companies over the years. At the time of writing (August 2011), more than 2,600 car repair companies are affiliated with the Schadegarant organization. Undoubtedly there is always one of them located near you.