Post: sending a postal package

The market for postal parcels has grown rapidly in recent years. One of the largest providers is currently PostNL. The costs for sending packages through this company are relatively high. SelectVracht and DHL are relatively cheaper, even though the service is less good. To send postal packages abroad, consumers can also contact the UPS company and the postal company Kiala. Read all about it in this article. The postal market has shrunk to a large extent in recent years. This has largely to do with the rise of the internet. As a result, more and more invoices are sent by e-mail and less postal traffic is required. Consumers were the first to switch to e-mail, which meant that hardly any letters were sent anymore. In the meantime, most companies also send the majority of their mail via electronic traffic. For example, most banks no longer send account statements, because most consumers now bank online. Only governments often send their mail via normal traffic, mainly because they are (still) legally obliged to do so.

Shrinkage of the postal market

Postal companies are suffering greatly from the contraction of the postal market. In the meantime, the market for parcels has grown rapidly. This is because consumers are ordering more and more things via the internet. These items have to be delivered and the postal companies try to respond to that. At the same time, there are privateers on the coast. The postal market was for a long time in the hands of TNT, now known as PostNL. She was the only one who had permission from the government to send letters. However, this was different for postal parcels. No permit was required for this. As a result, many companies have stepped into the gap and started competing with each other.

Send postal packages via PostNL

PostNL is currently still the largest and best-known parcel carrier. It is attractive to send the package through them, because the consumer can pick it up somewhere else when he or she is not at home. This can be done, for example, at a post office or bookstore. A disadvantage of PostNL is that it is relatively expensive, especially if packages have to be sent abroad. Consumers in particular still usually send their packages via PostNL. People with their own online store or other companies that send a lot of mail would do well to look further.

Send postal parcel via DHL and SelectVracht

The PostNL budget variant is Select Freight. They are part of the DHL company. It is seen as a B brand. The price is a lot cheaper, but when the consumer is not at home he often has to pick up the package at a remote location. An online store should take this into account. It may be a consideration for the customer to order somewhere else next time. Select Freight mainly sends mail from the company to the customer. This is also referred to as B2C. This stands for Business to Consumer. DHL mainly sends mail from company to company. The abbreviation used for this is B2B. This abbreviation stands for Business to Business.

Other postal parcel senders

The Kiala company is also a competitor of PostNL. It focuses mainly on the network of hardware stores. They often have larger loads that are also sent. Another company is GLS. However, its delivery is known to be relatively poor. This is because the delivery people are self-employed and are therefore always only called in at a later time. A company that is mainly active abroad in the field of packages is UPS. The costs are slightly higher, but the delivery is known to be reliable.