High savings interest rate Lloyds

Lloyds gives you a high interest rate on the immediately withdrawable account when you compare it with the savings interest rate at other banks. You can easily save online at Lloyds. The bank falls under the European deposit guarantee scheme with a guarantee of €100,000 per person. In the Netherlands it operates under the name Lloyds Bank Nederland. At Lloyds Bank Nederland you can save, take out a mortgage and borrow business money for your BV.

Lloyds Netherlands gives high interest rates

Lloyds Netherlands is part of Lloyds Banking Group. With 30 million customers around the world, Lloyds Banking Group is the largest retail bank in the United Kingdom. Lloyds Bank Nederland has been active in our country for some time. An estimated 100,000 Dutch people have taken out a mortgage with Lloyds or opened a savings account there. The bank is a member of the Dutch Banking Association, NVB, and Thuiswinkel Waarborg.

Save at Lloyds Netherlands

You can also save in the Netherlands with Lloyds Bank. If you live in the Netherlands, are over 18 years old, have a Dutch offset account and a permanent residence in the Netherlands and are looking for a higher interest rate than you will find at most other banks, an online internet savings account can be opened quickly and free of charge. The account is managed entirely via the internet, so you can view your balance and transfers at any time. There is no minimum deposit for this savings account and you can always add to it (both withdraw and deposit money).

Interest on the Internet savings account

Once you have completed the registration procedure and your identity has been established through an initial deposit, you can save on the new internet savings account. As soon as the money is in the account, you will be reimbursed for the interest. This is paid out on December 31 of the year. You can also receive the interest sooner if you cancel the account early. This interest is variable.

Lloyds bank and the deposit guarantee scheme

Lloyds bank has a license in Europe and is therefore covered by the European deposit guarantee scheme. This was different for years and the bank was covered by the British deposit guarantee scheme via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, FSCS . It is nice that the bank falls under the European guarantee system, because 100,000 euros per person is guaranteed, just as you are used to from banks in the Netherlands. Stay below this limit when saving and your savings are safe. The bank is also supervised by the Dutch Bank and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Actually a Dutch bank.

Safely highest savings interest rate

The savings interest rate of the Lloyds Banking Group is among the highest interest rates in our country. As long as you do not put more than 100,000 euros in the savings account, this is an excellent and safe addition to other banks. According to the bank, only 1 percent of savers at the bank have more than 50,000 euros in their account. Of course you can also look at the top 5 banks with the highest savings interest rates in the Netherlands. You can also open a savings account with Lloyds in no time.

Mortgage at Lloyds bank

You can also take out a mortgage here. Applications can easily be made online. The bank offers annuity and linear loan components at highly competitive rates. You can also transfer a mortgage here.

Borrow business money

At Lloyds it is possible to apply for a business loan through a private company (bv) if you want to buy a Tesla. You then borrow at a fixed interest rate and quickly have clarity about the acceptance of the loan.

Conclusion Lloyds bank Netherlands

So simply open an account and activate it once you receive the code from the bank. You then simply log in with the login name of your choice. Safe and sound.