The difference between supervision and coaching

What is coaching and what is supervision? These two forms of guidance are very close to each other. The goal is to help with issues and problems. However, both forms work in a different way. With coaching, the coachee is guided and the coach helps you coach your personal development of knowledge and skills. With supervision, just like with coaching, you receive personal and individual guidance.

What is the difference between coaching and supervision?

Coaching and supervision are two similar forms of guidance on issues and problems. What is the actual difference between the two? This is unclear to many people. Many confuse the two types or think that these types of guidance are the same.


Coaching is an English term. With coaching you are guided and in a sense helped to find answers that you would not easily find yourself. The person who receives coaching is also called a coachee. This may have to do with choices about your personal development plan. What exactly you want to develop and how you are going to do it. The coach is there to help you with that. He observes you and helps you to act better in the future. The coach tries to help the person learn. The learning can be about the person themselves or learning in general. What is the best way for the coachee to learn in order to master the material the fastest. The coach also helps develop the coachee’s knowledge and skills. The coach helps the coachee to search for his knowledge and skills. Which the coachee, after discovering them, will try to improve with the help of the coach.

What exactly does ‘coaching’ stand for?

Coaching always remains a vague concept, which is why it is difficult to distinguish from other forms of guidance. That is why I have listed a number of words here that describe the concept of coaching: Communication, control, contact, complex, observe, consultation, meeting, activating, addressing, analyzing, encouraging, concluding, helping, handles, acting, evaluating, recognition, expression, emotion, navigating, thinking.


Supervision is coaching in a softer term, by which I mean that the answers to problems are not told to you, but that you have to find out these answers yourself. The person who helps provide supervision is also called a supervisor. The person who receives supervision is also called a supervisee. Supervision will not give you answers or make them up for you, but the idea is that you find out your own answers. It is intended to help you grow and gain self-knowledge. With supervision you actually do it all on your own, but you then have support from someone who you can trust with all your problems.

What exactly does ‘supervision’ stand for?

Like coaching, supervision is a vague concept, which is why supervision is also difficult to distinguish from other forms of guidance. To make the word supervision clearer, I have listed a number of words that describe the word supervision: Writing, explanation, problems, plan of action, personal development, exploration, reflection, space, peace, relationship, trust, vision, questions, interaction , interest collaboration, interaction, interest, exploration.

Difference between supervision and coaching

The actual difference between supervision and coaching is that with coaching some things are told to you and with supervision they are not. The coach helps you find answers. A supervisor does not really help you find answers, but is more of a confidential person who you can talk to a lot about. A coach will encourage you to take certain actions to grow your knowledge and skills. A supervisor will not do this, but will try to encourage you to do so yourself. A coach will also draw a conclusion about the coachee and will also analyze the coachee. A supervisor will have you assess and analyze yourself. Supervision means doing all the work yourself, but with some support from a professional you can trust. This ensures that you get started easily and come to certain conclusions more quickly. Coaching looks at you and tells you what you can and cannot do. Of course, you will also have to do some things yourself. With coaching you get more help than with supervision, but with supervision you learn how to assess and analyze yourself. This ensures that you can solve problems and issues yourself next time.