Recruiting new customers with more pleasure

Anyone who wants to sell a product successfully must approach new customers, the so-called acquisition. Many salespeople do not find this the most enjoyable part of their work. However, there is something that can be done to make acquiring more fun.

Important part of sales

, acquiring is a part of the job that some do enthusiastically and others do reluctantly. However, acquiring is part of the job, so omitting this activity is not an option. In fact, acquiring is an important part of sales , and ensures that a company increases its customer base and market share , which not only has a direct impact on turnover but also strengthens its competitive position . Successful acquisition lays the foundation for successful sales. The question for a seller who is resistant to acquiring is therefore not: Do I feel like it? but the question should be: How can I ensure that I overcome my resistance and acquire enthusiastically.

Delay increases reluctance

First of all, it is important that it is a general principle that resistance grows when one postpones it. Then a feeling arises: I don’t feel like it, but I still have to. The longer this situation continues, the greater the reluctance becomes. I still have to, creates an extra unpleasant association. Delay increases reluctance. An important principle is therefore to first do the work that you experience as less pleasant. In addition, you can enjoy acquiring more by taking the following tips to heart:


Selling is a profession where job satisfaction increases as a salesperson becomes more successful in achieving goals. An important goal for a salesperson is turnover, the target he wants to achieve. In addition to the turnover target, also set yourself the goal of acquiring new customers per year. Realize that this is the basis for an increase in your turnover in the next year.

Measuring results

Keep track of your scores. Make lists of the number of leads approached and the cases in which you have been successful. For example: contacted by telephone: 200 customers, appointments scored: 120, customers scored: 48. Make it a sport to increase the positive ratio between the number of potential customers approached and the customers ultimately acquired. If necessary, enter into (sports) competition with a colleague.


Carefully select potential customers to approach by gathering information about them. For example via their website. This increases the chances of success and will help you enjoy acquiring more.

To prepare

Prepare for the first contact by gathering information about the potential customer to be approached. New potential customers will be pleasantly surprised when you open with, for example: I saw on your website that you are/have an innovative company that wants to profile itself distinctively by offering your customers an even broader package than your competitors. Our product is in line with this because, in this way you improve your chance of success, but you will also enjoy your work more because you have more control over the conversations and therefore also the feeling that you are in control of the situation.


Experiment with opening sentences, posture and voice, for example. Make lists with scores that show what the most successful approach is.

No excuses

Make sure that your voice sounds calm when conducting telephone acquisitions. If you sound rushed, your listener will also be given the idea that he still has a lot to do and therefore has no time. Also immediately ask if someone has a few minutes to listen to you. Your conversation partner will then no longer have an excuse to hang up halfway through your story because it is inconvenient for him.

Sound realistic

During your first telephone contact, be enthusiastic but not overenthusiastic. Over-enthusiasm quickly gives the conversation partner the feeling that he is being approached again by a fast seller who has to sell his product. You will be amazed at how many more good results you will have when your voice gives your conversation partner the feeling that you want to realistically investigate together with him whether your product/service has added value for him.


Try not to tell too much about your product during the first telephone contact. Limit yourself to a general, concise explanation that shows that your product has added value for the customer in question. If you provide too much information in the first telephone contact, you run the risk of a sales conversation arising without you being able to show or demonstrate the product. The chance of success is then almost nil.

Estimating probability

When conducting telephone acquisitions, be aware that you do not want to force an appointment at all costs. Visiting a customer for whom you have to drive 200 kilometers and who is really not interested costs time and money, and moreover, a wasted day can reinforce your feeling that acquiring is not fun.

Even nicer?

While you are on your way to a potential new customer, pay attention to people working on the road, for example. Realize that you actually have a damn nice job. Do you think working on the road would be more fun? Then apply for a job at a road construction company.