Take out boat insurance

If you have a boat, in many cases you also have to take out insurance. However, this is not necessary in all cases. Only from a certain size of boat are you obliged to take out boat insurance. There are three mandatory insurance policies, of which you must take out at least one. These are the third-party liability insurance, the third-party limited liability insurance and the third-party liability insurance. There are also a number of additional options that are optional. When you buy a boat you should also take out boat insurance. There are three standard insurance policies that you can take out. There are also a number of additional options you can choose from. The type of insurance that is best for you depends on the risk you want to take and what type of boat you are taking. You can take out insurance with an insurer or bank. This can also be done via the internet. In some cases, depending on the size of the boat, you are not required to take out insurance. If a boat has less than 4 hp of capacity, it does not need to be insured. In practice, this concerns boats such as a canoe or small rowing boat.

Standard insurance for a boat

One of the three standard insurance policies is third party liability insurance. WA stands for Legal Liability. This means that if something goes wrong for which you are responsible, the insurance will reimburse your costs. Any damage to third parties will also be compensated. The insurer will only pay out if it turns out that you did not cause the damage intentionally. In recent years, insurers have become stricter in their supervision. They do this to prevent fraud.

WA Casco

The second standard insurance that you can take out is WA Limited-Casco boat insurance. In that case, not only the damage that you cause to third parties, but also damage that occurs as a result of nature, will be compensated. You can think of fire, lightning or storm. You are also insured against damage due to theft. Thirdly, you can also take out WA Casco boat insurance. In this case, any damage your boat sustains in any way will be reimbursed. (of course only here if it happens unintentionally). A difference with other insurance policies is that, for example, you will also receive compensation if you accidentally collide with the side and suffer damage as a result. This insurance does have the highest premium. You pay the cheapest premium for third party liability insurance.

Additional insurance for a boat

In addition to the standard insurance, there are a number of additional insurances that you can take out. For example, there is home contents insurance. It is useful to take this if you have a slightly larger boat and there are valuables on board. The insurance works the same as when you take out contents insurance for your home. Another insurance is legal expenses insurance. This will reimburse any legal costs when necessary. These costs also cover the reimbursement of a lawyer if, for example, you have problems with the insurer about the (amount of) premium to be paid. All these insurance policies have a deductible that you must pay. It is possible to buy off this deductible.