Earn extra money on eBay: how to become a super seller!

Did you know that you can find almost anything you want to buy on eBay? From second-hand cars to a pepper mill made from snakeskin – eBay became the world’s largest marketplace over the years! From the most expensive designer products to the cheapest unbranded products, everything you are looking for is at your feet for a few euro cents.

The wonderful world of eBay

Did you know that you can find almost anything you want to buy on eBay? From second-hand cars to a pepper mill made from snakeskin eBay became the world’s largest marketplace over the years! From the most expensive designer products to the cheapest unbranded products, everything you are looking for is at your feet for a few euro cents. Some compare eBay to a global street fair and they’re not far off. Millions of people worldwide search for bargains on eBay. Do you understand where I’m going with this? Are you already selling on eBay? Not yet? Not smart. There is money to be made with eBay LOTS OF MONEY! The money is there for the taking and if you are not there then you are missing out on the lotto ticket of the century. You should become a top seller on eBay and I’ll show you how to do this.

Knowledge is power

Now that you know you can make a fortune with eBay — how do you get started? It’s all easy to create an eBay account, add a few items and start selling them. Even the smallest child can do that. Wouldn’t you rather become a TOP SELLER on eBay? Wouldn’t you rather make hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month with eBay? Who not? The first thing you need to learn is how eBay actually works, how buyers think, what attracts buyers, and how to make your offers irresistible so they buy from you and not someone else. Don’t just look around at home for things lying around to sell, but decide to really turn it into a successful home business! Unless you only want to sell your worn-out second-hand items. Wouldn’t you rather find out what eBay buyers are actually buying? You need to know what to sell, at what price and how to sell them. To achieve this, you’ll have to do a little homework—but that’s okay because you’ll be ahead of other eBay sellers. The first thing you start with is looking at the trends of past sales. eBay makes it easy for you by offering you a tool that does just this, lists past listings. By using this tool you can see at what price these items were sold, percentages sold, and discover the sales strategies of the items you wish to offer. Go to eBay and click on advanced search (next to the regular search button), enter the search terms you want to search for (take mobile phone for example) and check only search including past offers. Now you will get all the past offers for mobile phone products. The red ones are unsold listings, the green ones are marked Sold and of course those are the ones we’re looking for. You don’t want to offer items that don’t sell, do you? Now you can see what and how other sellers have sold on eBay, the most sold brands, the selling price, which options, how the ad was set up, which images, did the sellers use colors, bold words, What is important is the selling price, the starting price, type of offer (buy it now, auction,). Top sellers often use eBay’s paid options to get the spotlight on their products. This is to attract more attention and thus attract more visitors. If your listing stands out, it will be viewed more and you will receive more bids on it. Did the seller provide a warranty or refund plan? Also check out their shipping costs and options. What payment methods did the seller offer? Your listing will be easier to sell if you offer buyers multiple payment options. eBay allows you to select a number of payment options. These options are:

  • Paypal
  • Credit cards
  • Check
  • Transfer
  • Cash

Most merchants accept Paypal and others accept both Paypal and credit cards. It goes without saying that the more payment options you offer, the more sales you will generate. The problem, however, is that some buyers exploit certain payment options to commit fraud. Although there are more than enough honest buyers willing to pay by check or cash, there are still some who will send you counterfeit money or an incomplete check, or even bad checks. The choice is of course yours whether you want to offer those payment methods and take the risk. Back to our search results. To find out what changes in supply and demand for mobile phones (or any other object you want to sell), be sure to search for active offers. This gives you an idea of your competition. Are there many at the moment, what are the current asking prices, are they being offered, They also allow you to tailor and customize YOUR advert.

do your homework

According to eBay, 90% of top sellers do some type of market research before posting their listings. By searching for past offers you will only get an overview of the last 2 weeks. If you want to go deeper and become a top seller on eBay, you’ll have to do some homework. Do you remember homework? That’s what made you do well at school. Now it will help you earn an incredible income on eBay. eBay offers a service that enables the following, namely Marketplace Research:

  • Access past offers from the last 90 days
  • View and analyze everything from: most searched for, starting prices, average starting price and average selling price.
  • You can track listings you want to see more information about and see what sales price they were sold at.
  • View graphs of average buying and selling trends.

This service is offered in 3 variants, FastPass, Basic and Pro. An administrative fee is charged for each package. Since the best salespeople and Powersellers use these tools, you should also follow suit. But only if you decide to become a Top eBay Seller!

Use Sellers Plaza

EBay makes it easy for future top sellers as it is a win-win situation for them in terms of sales commissions. Sellers Plaza (Seller Central) is an excellent source of information. You can find the following wonderful tools there:

  • What’s Hot tab shows you which offers are currently selling well and what is being sought after so that you can also participate.
  • Merchandising calendar warns you in advance which offers eBay will highlight in the coming days as well as which promotions eBay will launch.
  • Category Tips gives you an edge over others when creating your ad page. They show you exactly which search terms are used for the category in which you want to place an offer. Using the right search terms means more visitors and therefore more sales.

Click on Whats Hot and you will be redirected to eBay Pulse. eBay Pulse displays the most popular listings by category. Items that sell quickly and in large quantities! Therefore, use the category selection menu to get a Pulse report on the market you are researching. You can go even deeper per category and subcategory and you can also find the top 5 stores in that category. This gives you an idea of how successful these sellers are and it gives you an idea of how you too can achieve what they have achieved, namely Earn Money! Use any of the search functions to get results and then click on the store names to research the store, view sales profiles and analyze their feedback scores. An alternative search tool to eBay is provided by third parties that maintain market research and statistics for eBay. These third parties can tell you when the best time is to place your offer and which options are best to use. To find Selling Manager, go to My eBay Account tab – Subscriptions.

Say Cheese!

To become a successful top seller on eBay, you will need to be able to take stunning photos of the items you will be listing. To do this, try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers and try to see what they want to see. A buyer wants to see what he will buy, you would want that too. Make sure your photos are clear and bright. Preferably close up. Cloudy is bad. Clear good. Crystal clear better. Natural light and indirect lighting work best to photograph your offers well. If you are selling a digital product, make sure your image reflects your offer. There is software and even freeware that allows you to create images from ebooks and CDs. If you are not a seasoned photographer and you are really struggling to take a good photo, you can still opt for help from a professional photographer or art designer who will make your ad a success. Remember, buyers like to have a clear and distinct idea of what they are going to buy, so they will be more likely to buy it from you if you meet their needs.

Create creative ads

To become a super seller you will have to be creative when writing your listing description. Dig into the categories and check out similar listings to see what other top sellers have written. Be sure to view descriptions of sellers with a feedback score of over 200, not brand new sellers. You will notice that some descriptions are short and concise and others are very extensive and detailed. Some dry and others very long-winded, and every now and then a description will catch your eye. And then there is one last type, namely descriptions that make you laugh. You may have received emails from friends about a certain offer. The reason this listing has circulated thousands of times is because the seller wrote an attention-grabbing description. Some listings get so much attention just because the seller has a unique listing (for example, the cemetery next to Marilyn Monroe), this doesn’t mean you won’t get any attention. Make the description consistent with your product or service. Describe as many characteristics and details as possible, including any defects it may have. A seller has the obligation to provide an honest description of the condition of the product offered. Try to anticipate questions potential buyers might ask and incorporate these answers into your description. This way you will save a lot of time answering questions. It’s also a good idea to have someone else proofread your description. A third party has a different view of what you wrote. Any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are avoided. If errors occur, you will appear less professional to the buyer who might be interested in purchasing your product. But above all: be creative! Make sure you stand out above the other providers and you will achieve better results than you expect.

Do you have an idea what to offer?

eBay will give you ideas about what you can offer! Take a look in the classifieds section to see what buyers are looking for. If you can answer that question I guarantee you will sell like crazy!

Do you already have Feedback?

One of the things a potential buyer looks at, besides your product itself, is your feedback score. Your feedback score is what others have commented about the way you work, as a buyer and as a seller. You want to make sure you have the best feedback score possible because this tells a potential buyer that you can be trusted and you are acting fairly on eBay. An easy way to quickly increase your feedback score is to make a few purchases of cheap items (0.5 to 1 euro offers such as ebooks etc). There are many 1 euro offers on eBay to choose from. Even if you don’t need those items, it’s a small but important investment to get a good feedback score, which is essential if you want to build trust with your potential buyers. Make sure you provide excellent customer service at all times and treat your customers respectfully. They will definitely give a positive feedback and that way you will build your reputation in the eBay market. Of course, some buyers are more demanding than others, but if you always treat your customers respectfully, you will have a reputation as a seller where people can make purchases with confidence. So reassure your potential customers by keeping your feedback score as high and positive as possible and you will increase your sales rate.

Excellent Customer Service

The highest priority you have as a top salesperson is to provide excellent service to your customers and you do this by communicating with your customers in a fast, efficient and correct manner. When you receive an email, respond as quickly as possible. Quick responses will help you sell. If you don’t answer your questions quickly enough, your buyer will lose interest and start looking for a comparable offer. Learn from your own experiences with contacts with customer services and large companies. If you don’t get help quickly enough, you won’t be satisfied either. Just because you don’t need to see them or speak to them doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Send emails to your customers, send them a thank you email or ask them some questions about how you can improve your services. Be interactive with your customers. Provide excellent service and your customers will become repeat buyers AND review you positively, which will have a positive impact on your sales.

Open an eBay store

If you offer 1 product, that’s great, but how about MANY offers? EVEN BETTER! When you open your own store on eBay, you enjoy a number of specific advantages over other providers. Placement costs are reduced, you can offer stocks, create sections yourself, create pages, create a logo, etc. And on top of that you can do cross-promotion. The advantage of a store is that all your offers can be found in a central location. eBay stores offer many benefits to becoming a top seller. Some of these benefits and tools include the following:

  • Additional Marketing tools
  • Allows you to customize your store and customize its layout.
  • Tools to easily post and manage offers online.
  • Free customer service
  • Various display options that make it easier to make all your offers stand out.
  • There are different types of eBay stores, each with their own advantages and options: Basic Store, Top Store and Top Store Plus.

Buy Now and Fixed Price!

An additional way to become a top seller is to work with Buy Now and Fixed Price. This allows you to sell immediately at a price set by the seller, ending bidding immediately. The advantage of this is that you do not have to wait for your merit until the end of the auction and your buyer can receive his product faster. If you have a lot of products this is an ideal way to generate a steady source of income and if you have a product that is in high demand and in short supply this is the best way to have a lot of income in a shorter period of time.

Offer in multiple categories

If you want to increase your sales numbers, offer offers in multiple categories at the same time. This increases the visibility of your offer. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of the different listing options eBay makes available such as bold text, highlighting, more images, all of which are eye-catching. Again, use the search function to see what options other top sellers are using to increase their sales. This will also positively influence your sales results and that is always good.

Use shorter auction durations and offer guarantees

The last 2 tips I have to offer you to become a successful TOP SELLER on eBay are reducing auction time and offering money back guarantees. Shortening the auction cycle, 3 days instead of 5 days or 10 days, means that you will receive your money faster and there is a good chance that you will achieve more sales and reach a larger target audience. Offering a warranty will reassure a buyer and convince them to make a purchase more quickly. They know that if the product is not as described, they can return it.

Find YOUR pot of gold on eBay!

It is now a fact that eBay has made the online market burst at the seams. Some say it is the world’s largest bakery and they may be right. But eBay has also become a synonym for buying, selling, exchanging, making money and online business. If you’ve ever been hesitant to start selling on eBay, I recommend you take a quick look at their site to see what the rules are, find a product and get started now! Start in your spare time and build your own business over time and after researching other top sellers. Learn how they do it, how successful they are and follow suit. Make use of the various tools and courses that eBay itself offers, you can even purchase DVDs that teach you the tricks of the trade. As I’ve already mentioned, knowledge is power and power results in success as an eBay TOP SELLER!!