How do you lose weight quickly and healthily?

Losing weight quickly sounds tempting, but you have to do this in a healthy way. By losing pounds too quickly and unhealthy, you can cause damage to your body. Fortunately, it is really possible to lose a few kilos in a relatively short period of time without this being bad for your health. In this article you will find some useful tips for this.

Be realistic

If you want to lose 10 kilos in two weeks, unfortunately this cannot be done in a healthy way. Everyone knows that starving yourself or losing weight with the help of all kinds of pills is absolutely not healthy. You will really have to be a little more patient if you want to lose some weight in a healthy way. However, a quick result in a reasonably short time is absolutely not unattainable. To do this, adhere to the following tips:


Exercise is the fastest way to lose weight healthily. No matter how you exercise, your body will naturally burn fat. You don’t have to exercise intensively four times a week for this, just half an hour of extra exercise a few times a week can also result in a few kilos of weight loss within a month. If you exercise a lot, this will of course go faster, but do not forget that you will lose weight, but your weight can also remain the same because you will also gain muscle mass. If you exercise a lot, you must also ensure that you continue to eat enough and drink enough to keep your body healthy.

Watch your food

The food and drink you consume every day is also a very important factor if you want to lose weight. Your body produces fat when you eat and drink a lot of sugar, carbohydrates or fatty products. Furthermore, make sure you consume as many unprocessed products as possible, especially vegetables and fruit. Your body gets vitamins from this that are good for fat burning and a healthy body in general. It is also important to pay attention to snacks. If you replace your unhealthy snacks with fruit, pieces of vegetables or other snacks with less fat and sugar, this will certainly make a difference. Of course, it’s okay to snack occasionally, but make sure you do this in moderation.
Healthy fats are also very important for fat burning and the prevention of diseases in your body. You will find unsaturated and saturated fats in foods, unsaturated fats are the fats that have positive effects on your health. Unsaturated fats ensure healthy cholesterol levels and therefore protect against cardiovascular disease. Products that contain many healthy fats include fish, free-range eggs, walnuts, olive oil, seeds and avocados. Your body can do a lot less with saturated fats; for the most part, your body only uses these fats to produce fat.

Watch your drinking

For many people, soft drinks are a pitfall. By replacing the majority of your glasses of soft drinks per day with water, mixed lemonade or tea, you will certainly lose a few pounds quickly. You can also unknowingly consume a lot of calories when going out by drinking sweet alcoholic drinks. These drinks often contain a lot of sugar. By paying attention to this, you can certainly lose a few kilos within a month. If you drink tea, try to stop adding sugar to it. Just imagine, all the lumps or scoops of sugar that you put in your tea all day long together? If you really don’t like your tea without sugar, replace it with pure honey, which does contain natural sugar, but this is much less fattening because honey is much easier for your body to digest. The number of calories you consume does not decrease by using honey, but because honey is much less processed than sugar, it is much easier to digest. Your body therefore has to ‘work’ less for this. Don’t be tempted by sweets, if you can’t eat sugar, they certainly have a number of benefits, but they won’t make you any less fat.

Adjust your way of cooking

Many people fry all their meat, vegetables and other products with butter or fry with sunflower oil. Think about how much butter and sunflower oil you consume per day. If you bake and fry everything you normally bake with butter with olive oil from now on, this will make a huge difference. Olive oil contains a lot of good fats and ensures good digestion, metabolism and fat burning in the body.

Note: Avoid diuretics

Many products on the market that are designed for weight loss only cause your body to lose fluid instead of fat. You will then lose weight, but only in the form of fluid. Diuretic ingredients that are commonly used are nettle, aloe vera, caffeine, alcohol, potassium, sodium and dandelion. The ingredients are processed into countless supplements, teas or other waste products. So don’t be seduced or fooled by this, you will certainly lose weight, but not fat. By avoiding products with the above-mentioned ingredients in your daily food and drinks, you do not unintentionally stimulate fluid retention in your body.