The new meditation

The new meditation is actually not a new way of meditating at all. Meditation has been around for centuries and is taken for granted by a large group of people in the East. It is part of it, is a lifestyle, provides life insights and/or peace. Whatever the underlying thoughts, in the West meditation is still seen by many as “strange” or “hazy”. This is not right and may make unknown unloved, but the fact that you turn within yourself is also quite confrontational for a group.

Reflect while meditating

Meditation is basically focusing very much on yourself and Western society is actually very outward-oriented. Unfortunately, a very inward focus is not something that we take for granted. For a long time, the learning process has only been seen from the perspective of regular courses, but learning also means looking within yourself, looking back in peace, holding up a mirror to yourself and looking for moments of silence to reflect. You could do that through meditation. It is a relatively simple way to calmly calm down and review processes. It is therefore a growing group of people who, when it comes to ‘learning’, look beyond what regular training has taught them. Life experience can offer so much more, but you have to do something with it.

How do you apply it?

Learning to meditate is not easy for everyone, but it starts with finding peace within yourself. A pleasant environment where you can come to yourself in silence (no matter how confrontational it sometimes is) is the basis. When you are calm, you recall moments that you want to do something with. Drawing a lesson from a past moment in your life is not always easy, but what matters is that you visualize it in as much detail as possible.
Now try to be above it, as a third person you can see what is going on and you can see who may have made what mistake or could have done something slightly differently for an even better outcome. Now try the other approach to achieve that different outcome. A basis in this process is of course complete honesty. Experience that you can learn from your own ‘mistakes’, because you can choose to do things differently next time. Everything is a choice, not wanting to learn, but also accepting the consequences.

Source: VivitoArt, Pixabay

Meditate for inner peace

Another way meditation is used – and which is becoming increasingly popular – is to achieve inner peace. We find it very difficult to experience inner peace. In the busy Western life we rush on and most people have boarded this moving train at some point and find it very difficult to get off that train again.
You will then have to go back to your base, your core and that is your body.
The head is nothing without the body and vice versa, but in a busy society more and more people live in their heads. Back to basics and feeling your core is a start. You can do this by sitting quietly in a relaxed position and following your heart rate. At the same time, you start breathing more slowly and deeply (belly breathing) and slowly you get into the same rhythm. This is not as easy as it seems for most people and it takes many people quite some time to firstly apply it and secondly to maintain it for at least 10 minutes. But actually you have to hold on longer and try to build it up, but above all not too convulsively

“The basis of your being is within yourself” Flu

At some point you will notice that you will feel your body more and more, including the aches and pains. You will experience that the unrest that has been churning in many people’s stomachs will slowly but surely disappear and you will be able to put things into perspective more easily. Your mind and body get rest, they become balanced, and you go back to your basics of being human. For many who do it regularly, it is an absolute addition to their busy lives.

Vague or specific?

Strangely enough, it often starts vaguely. You sit down, turn within yourself and then things have to happen. However, no matter how skeptical you are, if you dare to take it seriously, you will definitely benefit from it. Which makes something vague immediately tangible.
Is it new, no not really. Maybe we can broaden the application just a little bit. But if more and more people start to see that it can be of added value, then you will get an oil slick. The realization that no matter how vague it sounds, it actually works. Ultimately that’s what it’s all about and therefore a matter of accepting that it works that way. Sometimes things simply cannot be explained scientifically.