Collagen (gelatin) for joints, intestines and skin

Adding extra collagen (= gelatin) to your diet is highly recommended for some conditions. For example, extra collagen can help with joint complaints such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. More collagen is also very good for the intestines and can contribute to the healing of leaky intestines. But collagen is also sometimes a real miracle cure for the skin and hair. Wrinkles fade and hair falls out much less. Gelatin is therefore really a nutritional supplement that can improve your health.

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In Dutch, collagen is also called gelatin, it is the most abundant protein in our body. This protein ensures the formation of connective tissue fibers in, for example, the skin, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and capillaries. There are different types of gelatin, such as gelatin for baking, making candy and pudding, for example. But there is also gelatin that does not stiffen and is used more for health benefits. This gelatin can easily be used in hot or cold drinks. Gelatin powder is also often used in the paleo diet because of its many health benefits.

Amino acids

Collagen contains 18 amino acids, complete proteins, which your body can immediately use to build up various processes. In addition to nine essential amino acids, it also contains nine non-essential amino acids. This includes glycine and proline. These two proteins are often not enough in the food you eat every day. Especially people who do not eat meat often lack these amino acids.


Glycine has the advantage that it helps you sleep better. People who take extra gelatin report that it helps them fall asleep earlier and also wake up less often during the night. Glycine also works as a neurotransmitter, making you feel calmer. This is because glycine is an antagonist of norepinephrine, a substance that acts as a stress hormone. Glycine therefore weakens that effect. Glycine also supports the functioning of the liver and therefore helps with the removal of toxic substances.


Gelatin contains approximately 12% proline. Proline is not an essential amino acid, but it is still very important. It plays a role in wound healing and helps support the immune system.

Benefits of gelatin for health

Gelatin plays an important role for:

  • The wrists
  • the intestines
  • skin and hair
  • muscle building
  • blood vessels



Many people quickly experience an improvement in their joint functions by using extra gelatin. It is not yet known exactly why this is. It is suspected that gelatin has an analgesic and anti- inflammatory effect. Gelatin is also able to repair or improve the joints. The tissues around and in the joints contain a lot of collagen. But it takes some time to improve the function of joints. People with osteoarthritis or arthritis can benefit from taking gelatin.


Gelatin can aid digestion because it binds to water and therefore helps food pass through the intestines more easily. In addition, gelatin can also help to heal the intestinal wall and the wall of the stomach. For example, people with a leaky gut or stomach ulcer benefit from extra gelatin. It can therefore also help with food allergies.

Skin and hair

Gelatin can also be of great benefit to the skin, hair and nails. Many people suffer less from hair loss due to gelatin and their hair becomes healthier. Wrinkles fade by taking extra gelatin and nails also become stronger.

Muscle building

Because gelatin contains amino acids, gelatin can help with muscle building. After all, proteins, i.e. amino acids, are needed for this.

Blood vessels

Blood vessels are made up of collagen, among other things. The collagen ensures elasticity and suppleness.
In addition to the above health benefits, more benefits are mentioned, such as for people with diabetes, for fatigue and asthma, etc.

Bone broth soup

Soup made from chicken or beef contains a lot of gelatin. The soup must then look muddy. Not everyone likes this. For these people, a gelatin supplement may be a better idea. A good powdered supplement is Great Lakes gelatin.

Great Lakes

Great Lakes gelatin products are well known. The gelatin is obtained from grass-fed cattle and has a neutral taste, making it suitable for use in all kinds of foods without affecting the taste. Great Lakes red canister forms like a jelly after use and can be used in baking. It is also widely used to make all kinds of sweets and, for example, pudding. But still has the health benefits.
If you prefer to add collagen to your coffee, tea or fruit juice, for example, then the green can from Great Lakes is recommended. This gelatin does not harden after use and is almost tasteless. This product is hydrolyzed, which means that the amino acids are better separated, allowing them to be better absorbed by the body.


Start slowly if you choose to take a supplement powder. Sometimes your stomach has to get used to it. Then slowly build up to about 2 tablespoons per day. It is best taken on an empty stomach.

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