Buy tiles and stones at a good price

Tiles and stones are indispensable when building or renovating a house, and when laying a patio on a driveway. The choice of materials depends on the purpose, what they are used for, the requirements imposed on them and the price that the seller asks for them. If you take the time to search and look around at the hardware stores, wholesalers and on the internet, you can sometimes find something very cheap. Sometimes you can even get tiles and stones for free from others who are renovating themselves and have their older material collected for free. That does not mean that they are always old materials. Consider, for example, people who have just bought another house and want a different driveway than their predecessor, who just had his new driveway installed.

First know which tiles and stones you want to use

Different tiles are needed for each goal. Tiles for the home must meet different conditions than tiles for the patio or driveway. Floor tiles must be able to withstand more than wall tiles and often have different sizes. After all, wall tiles do not have to withstand much.

Choose floor tiles for your home carefully

Floor tiles must be the same color throughout. Many floor tiles are printed on top with a certain color and/or relief, but the rest of the tile has the normal earth color. The color of baked clay. If something falls on it later and there is a crack or a piece breaks off, there should be no visible difference in color.

Examine the sides and back of the tiles for color differences

Therefore, always check the side and back of the floor tile to see if it is the same color throughout. If the tile is red on the back, it is not through and through, but the color has been applied and damage will be more noticeable later. If a piece has popped out, you will see the red of the baked clay underneath.

Smooth floor tiles are often not practical

Smooth floor tiles can be very beautiful, but are not really practical. Remember that you are more likely to slip on a smooth floor that is wet than on a slightly rough floor. On a smooth floor you can usually see every speck of dirt or thread immediately. This is not pleasant if you do not plan to vacuum or mop every day. Think carefully about what the tile is intended for.

Take into account how to keep the tiles clean

A beautiful white tile for the floor of the hallway can match the rest beautifully, but it can also cause nuisance for years to come, because you can see every speck of dirt on it. After all, the hallway has a direct connection to the outside and a dry-running mat does not stop everything. When it rains, you can be there with the mop at the ready, especially if you have children.

Wall tiles do not have to withstand heavy loads

Nowadays, wall tiles also come in all kinds of colors and sizes. With wall tiles, pay particular attention to the edges with which they must fit together. Wall tiles with a rounded side are easier for the tiler to work with than wall tiles with a straight, angular side.

Difficult to clean

With the latter, every millimeter of difference in height will be immediately noticeable when you have to clean the wall. If you choose plain and smooth wall tiles for a bathroom, you will soon see every drop on them. Some structure or a slightly cloudy surface is sometimes better for this.

Buy good outdoor tiles and stones

Terrace and driveway should not become slippery immediately when it rains. Smooth tiles and stones for outdoor use are therefore not recommended. Choose stones and tiles that also have a top layer, so they do not turn green too quickly. However, this cannot be completely prevented, because these tiles also wear out and become as green as other outdoor tiles over time.

Also look for free driveway tiles offered

If your budget is a bit too tight, you can also search the internet for free stones for a driveway that is being renovated. These stones usually have little or nothing wrong with them and are only dirty. After treatment they are neat again. You often have to collect and lay those stones yourself, but then you only have work to do and no further costs.

First and second choice tiles differ in price

For places that are not directly in the living area, you can often also use second-choice tiles. These are sometimes less attractive and may have an imperfection here and there, but that is often not a problem for a garage or basement floor.

Where will you look for tiles and stones?

Give yourself your time and don’t rush it. If you only need a small number of tiles for the renovation of a toilet or shower, first take a look at Marktplaats. Smaller quantities of new tiles are regularly for sale there. For example, some people buy wall tiles that later turn out not to match their floor tiles, or vice versa. You can use this to your advantage. Sometimes tiles are offered that are not one color throughout. However, you can use it for a garage or a basement floor.

Auctions of tiles and stones on the internet

Auctions are held on the Internet. Not only for tiles and other building materials, but you can find almost everything there, such as laminate, building materials and even furniture, lamps and sanitary ware. This often concerns residual consignments, but auctions are also held with materials from companies that have gone bankrupt. New equipment sold for less than its actual retail value.

Be careful when bidding

Set a final price in advance, so that you do not continue to bid if more bids are received than you intended to spend. Bidding on Internet auctions can be addictive, but keep your wits about you. After all, it is not the intention that you have paid more afterwards than you had planned in advance. Also remember that you will have to add the auction costs afterwards and perhaps also the petrol or the price of the van rental if you have to collect the material on site.

Search for offers of tiles and stones

Also look for outlet stores for building materials. Their offers are also often cheaper than at the tile store in your area. Then look at the costs of transport, because these must of course be added to the price. If you prefer to go to a tile store in your area, always negotiate a discount. Sleep on it and compare the product (which always has a name and a manufacturer) with the prices on the internet.

Buy tiles and stones through the contractor

Contractors who lay driveways and renovate bathrooms often make you an attractive offer. They like to tell you that they get a discount from one wholesaler or another, which they then pass on to you. Don’t be too quick to decide here and search the name of the stone or tile and/or its supplier on the Internet. Sometimes the price is right, sometimes not. In the latter case, it is better to order your materials yourself. The contractor often adds a profit margin.

Tiles and stones are expensive

It is worth looking around and not deciding too quickly. Don’t make a decision too quickly. This way you will soon have tiles and stones to your liking. That is important because you often have to look at it for years.

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