How do I choose the right accountant (bookkeeper)

The purpose of an accountant is to ensure that he makes you money. According to some, accountants are very expensive and often cost entrepreneurs much more than they generate. It’s normal that he needs to be paid. Only the sun rises for nothing, but then you have to get value for your money. That is why it is very important to choose the right one. To gain insight, here are some tips that can be useful in making the right choice.

Choosing an accountant

  • Why get an accountant
  • Where do I look for an accountant?
  • How much does an accountant cost?

Why get an accountant

Of course, everyone can arrange their own accounts, but not everyone has the time to do so. Lack of time is a major stumbling block to completing this important paperwork properly. Concentration is required so that no valuable aspects are overlooked. You should also know that legislation in this sector changes daily. To be aware of this, regular further training is extremely necessary. This can sometimes provide major tax benefits for the entrepreneur. A good accountant is always up to date and closely monitors all changes in the law.

Where do I look for an accountant?

  • Don’t take the first accountant you find in a newspaper, advertisement or yellow pages.
  • Make use of your social contacts; family, friends, successful entrepreneurs etc.
  • Request information; name, address and whether they are satisfied with his services.
  • For smooth cooperation, it is more convenient to only record the details of an accountant from your own region.

You and your accountant

  • You should click with your accountant at the very first meeting.
  • Feeling good in his presence.
  • You have to be on the same page.

What requirements must he meet?

  • He must be your confidant.
  • He must be your tax coach; analyze, advise and support you.
  • He must be able to negotiate on your behalf; be decisive, communicative and flexible.
  • He must be able to reduce the tax burden, legally; have numerical insight.
  • He must protect you from great risks; check and approve.

How much does an accountant cost?

This all depends on your case.

  • It will be much more expensive for a supermarket with employees than for a sole proprietorship: because there are employees present and the purchases are larger, this will require more work for the accounting.
  • A BVBA is also more expensive because this is double accounting.

Pay by invoice

  • Always ask how much he charges per invoice.
  • If your purchase and sales invoices are not large enough, this could be loss-making.

For example, 4.02 per invoice excluding 21% VAT payable to the accountant purchase invoice (ice cream cones 4 x 100 pieces) 15.76 excluding 6% VAT = more than half of your profit goes to the accountant.

Pay per hour

  • Always ask how much he charges per hour.
  • Save money by handing over everything neatly.

For example, if you classify everything orderly by date, the accountant will have less work. You also save money by handling telephone calls to authorities and the like yourself. Good luck finding the right accountant!

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